4A Schools Name All-State Softball

John L. Braese

The 4A schools have released their choices for 4A all-state softball for 2023. EOS congratulates eastern Oregon players named including Belle Navaret (Ontario), Sam Wilks (Pendleton) and Marti Anderson (La Grande) named to first team.

Second team honorees included Maddie Seavert (La Grande), Avery Krigbaum (Pendleton) and Carlee Strand (La Grande).

Those receiving honorable mention are Kendall Murphy (Pendleton), Brie Kemble (Ontario), Melanie Boatman (Pendleton), Avery Quaempts (Pendleton), Oliva Elrod (Pendleton), Carlee Jensen (La Grande), Raegan Gulick (Baker) and Madelin Schumaker (Pendleton)

4A State Co-Coach of the Year: Brian Stock-Henley/Lindy Macnab-The Dalles

4A State Player of the Year: Madelynn Sagapouletele-The Dalles

4A State Pitcher of the Year: Kennedy Abbas-The Dalles

4A First Team All-State Softball


Kennedy Abbas (The Dalles)

Annie Campos (Henley)

Jessica Rule (Stayton)


Zoe LeBreton (The Dalles)

Belle Navaret (Ontario)

Sam Wilks (Pendleton)

Natlie Simmons (Estacada)

Malia Scanlan Cascade)

First Base:

Jessica Rule (Stayton)


Madelynn Sagapouletele (The Dalles)

Paige Doerr (Marist)

Anna Harper (Henley)

Libby Juker (Estacada)


Despina Seufalemua (The Dalles)


Jeilane Stewart (The Dalles)

Marti Anderson (La Grande)

4A Second Team All-State Softball


Maddie Wilkin (Astoria)

Saige Casey (Scappoose)


Keiliani Crichton-Tunai (The Dalles)

Maddie Seavert (La Grande)

Kya Lindell (Astoria)

First Base:

Kaylyn Fildes (Crook County)


Kaleyah Crichton-Tunai (The Dalles)

Alex Hill (Hidden Valley)

Avery Krigbaum (Pendleton)


Carlee Strand (La Grande)


Amyah Miranda (Cascade)

4A Honorable Mention All-State Softball


Jaycee Villastrigo (Crook County)

Hope King (Madras)

Tatum Montiel (Marshfield)

Kendall Murphy (Pendleton)

Brie Kemble (Ontario)


Kya Lindell (Astoria)

Naomi Holmstead (Astoria)

Mercedes Walter (Astoria)

Tylee Cossitt (Crook County)

Kenzie Hollenback (Stayton)

Cassidy Crabtree (Cascade)

Paige McDuff (Marshfield)

Parker Doerr (Marist)

Daphne Heckel (Marist)

Emma Spalding (North Bend)

Natalie Hudson (Henley)

Maggie Pizano (Mazama)

Aubrey Schmidt (Hidden Valley)

Jayden Vos (Phoenix)

Sam Lesher (Hidden Valley)

Melanie Boatman (Pendleton)

Avery Quaempts (Pendleton)

First Base:

Shelby Bruney (Astoria)

Andie Brooks (St. Helens)

Isabelle Trevino (Stayton)


Cydney Brandt (St. Helens)

Jessica Nelson (Scappoose)

Chloe McKenzie (Crook County)

Christine McCants (Stayton)

Brooke Morley (Stayton)

Kailee Bode (Cascade)

Makenna Johnson (Marshfield)

Lily Kennel (Mazama)

Bianca Zacchino (Hidden Valley)

Olivia Elrod (Pendleton)

Carlee Jenson (Carlee Jensen)


Makinley Nielsen (Tillamook)

Abby Stansberry (Scappoose)

Layliana Segura (Henley)

Raegan Gulick (Baker)


Abby Nofield (Seaside)

Danner Hemphill (Crook County)

McKenzii Breakfield (North Bend)

Jia Bents (Hidden Valley)

Madeline Schumaker (Pendleton)