Welcome to Eastern Oregon Sports, your stop for high school sports in all of Eastern Oregon. Very simply, our site and Facebook page are dedicated to high school sports on the eastern side of the state. The reason for this is multi-faceted.

  • When schools on the coast play games, the driving time is 30 minutes with fans from both able to attend the game and be back home for a before bed snack. When teams on the eastern side of the state play, a three hour drive is involved and hotel and four meals hit the credit card.
  • The districts set by the Oregon School Activities Association cross county boundaries. Local news concentrates on local teams. We will concentrate on all the local teams in the district, giving fans a chance to see the competition earlier in the season. Your team may be playing on the road Friday night, but we will let you know that rival is in town just down the road.
  • High school sports is important. Small towns revolve around the sports schedules and fans want information. Fans also want to see pictures of the players and the game. We plan on providing fans a chance to see the action even when your favorite team is 150 miles away.
  • Sports needs to be interactive. Fans need a voice. People need a place to become excited about that next “big game.” We will be that place.

Who are we?

John Braese is a national and state award winner in journalism with many of those awards coming in the sports arena. John has covered sports in both Idaho and Oregon for over 15 years. Currently working for Malheur County Economic Development

Randy Seals runs the tech. A developer of numerous websites and system engineer by day, Randy is involved in sports from youth to high school. A former high school basketball coach, Randy holds clinics for youth throughout the year. Randy and his wife also do some photography at https://knr.photography

Together, we are fathers of children heading towards high school sports. Together, we want high school athletes recognized for their accomplishments and more importantly, for just playing the game.

So what can you expect from Eastern Oregon Sports Put simply, we want to be the place for information when speaking of sports. When you have a question who won last night, come here. When you have a question when your team is playing “that team”, come here. Who is leading the High Desert League in kills? What receiver has the most catches in the Greater Oregon League? What goalie has the most saves in the Special District 6? We plan to be the answer to those questions.Beyond stats, we want to be the place for interesting stories of high school athletes. So many things happen behind the games that need recognition. We plan on letting the followers know those stories.

High school athletes do not play the game for money or endorsements. Many will never play beyond graduation. But for that special time from freshman to senior years, high school sports is important. We will be the place for all athletes to be positively portrayed. Have an idea? A story you want told? A complaint or word of praise? Contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]. Thank you for joining us.

John and Randy