Thrown out? Not these teams

WILSONVILLE – During the heat of competition, coaches urge players to “keep your cool” and “don’t lose your head.” Officiating at the high school level is tough-fans, coaches, and student athletes frequently disagree with calls.

The final act an official takes is the ejection of a player. That being said, I have witnessed far more fans escorted out than players. However, the Oregon School Activities Association recently released a listing of schools “ejection free”.

Congratulations to these eastern Oregon schools, the coaches of these teams and especially to the current and past student athletes listed below.

Adrian High School                          4 years ejection free

Burnt River High School                 2 years ejection free

Cove Charter School                        2 years ejection free

Dayville High School                        1 year ejection free

Echo High School                              3 years ejection free

Elgin High School                              1 year ejection free

Enterprise High School                   4 years ejection free

Grant Union High School               2 years ejection free

Heppner High School                      11 years ejection free

Huntington High School                 4 years ejection free

Imbler High School                          4 years ejection free

Ione Charter High School              4 years ejection free

Irrigon High School                          1 year ejection free

Jordan Valley High School             4 years ejection free

Joseph Charter High School          1 year ejection free

Long Creek High School                 13 years ejection free

Monument High School                 1 year ejection free

Ontario High School                        1 year ejection free

Pine Eagle High School                   2 years ejection free

Prairie City High School                  2 years ejection free

Ukiah High School                            1 year ejection free

Union High School                           3 years ejection free

Vale High School                               3 years ejection free

Weston-McEwen High School     4 years ejection free

The OSAA started tracking ejections in 2006. Although not covered by our website, special kudos need to go out to Central Christian High School and Willamette Valley Christian High School, both ejection free for 15 years.