Three Titles Equals Second-Place Finish For Hermiston Girls

HANFORD – Led by junior Lorena Guardado, sophomore Laura Meyers and senior Eseta Sepeni, the Hermiston girls wrestling team grabbed a second-place finish while competing at the Winter Cup in Hanford on Wednesday, Dec. 29.

The Bulldogs finished the tournament with a 173.5 point total, behind only Othello.

Along with a second-place team score, three Hermiston wrestlers also took home individual titles.

In the 130-pound class, Guardado pinned Hanford’s Taylor West for the title. Meyers also took first place by pin, competing in the 155-pound division, downing Othello’s Ana Rojas. Completing the three wins was Sepeni wrestling at 190 pounds, pinning Othello’s Elia Valazquez.

Team scores: 1. Othello, 244.0. 2. Hermiston, 173.5. 3. Hanford, 138.0. 4. Chiawana, 97.0. 5. Wahluke, 55.0. 6.            Grandview, 54.0. 7. Manson, 26.0. 8. Walla Walla, 13.0. 9. East Valley Spokane, 3.0. 10. Newport, 1.0.

100: 1st Place – Ollonie Gonzalez (Othello). 2nd Place – Ayden Foreman (Hermiston). 3rd Place – Layla Smith (Hanford)

Round 1: Ollonie Gonzalez (Othello) defeated Ayden Foreman (Hermiston) by fall, 0:47. Round 2: Ayden Foreman (Hermiston) defeated Layla Smith (Hanford) by fall, 1:07.

105: 1st Place – Bella Garza (Othello). 2nd Place – Aliyah Espinoza (Othello). 3rd Place – Kiersten Canales (Hanford). 4th Place – Bianca Vargas (Hermiston). 5th Place – Julieta Farias (Grandview). 6th Place – Taryn Rhoads (Chiawana). 7th Place – Kayla Mendoza (Grandview). 8th Place – Kenia Hernandez (Wahluke).

3rd Place Match: Kiersten Canales (Hanford) defeated Bianca Vargas (Hermiston) by fall, 0:51.

120: 1st Place – Hazel Gonzalez (Othello). 2nd Place – Angel Qaso (Chiawana). 3rd Place – Praseis Garcia (Hanford). 4th Place – Madison Bjazevich (Hanford). 5th Place – Heather Weyand (Hanford). 6th Place – Cindy Barajas (Chiawana). 7th Place – Madelynn Ortega (Hermiston). 8th Place – Evelyn Barrera (Chiawana).

7th Place Match: Madelynn Ortega (Hermiston) defeated Evelyn Barrera (Chiawana) by fall, 2:41.

125: 1st Place – Griselda Sontay (Othello). 2nd Place – Shyla Ayala (Hermiston). 3rd Place – Makenzie Shupe (Hanford). 4th Place – Klara Lawrence (Newport). 5th Place – Taylor Hancock (Hermiston).

Round 1: Griselda Sontay (Othello) defeated Shyla Ayala (Hermiston) by fall, 4:00. Klara Lawrence (Newport) defeated Taylor Hancock (Hermiston) by decision, 9-8. Round 2: Griselda Sontay (Othello) defeated Taylor Hancock (Hermiston) by major decision, 12-3. Round 3: Makenzie Shupe (Hanford) defeated Taylor Hancock (Hermiston) by fall, 1:07. Shyla Ayala (Hermiston) defeated Klara Lawrence (Newport) by fall, 1:31. Round 4: Shyla Ayala (Hermiston) defeated Makenzie Shupe (Hanford) by fall, 4:38. Round 5: Shyla Ayala (Hermiston) defeated Taylor Hancock (Hermiston) by fall, 4:31.

130: 1st Place – Lorena Guardado (Hermiston). 2nd Place – Taylor West (Hanford). 3rd Place – Marsha Gomez (Othello). 4th Place – Elena Flores (Hermiston). 5th Place – Lana Ali (Chiawana). 6th Place – Laisha Pavon (Wahluke). 7th Place – Jazmin Mercado (Wahluke). 8th Place – Nashale Espinoza (Grandview).

1st Place Match: Lorena Guardado (Hermiston) defeated Taylor West (Hanford) by fall, 1:49. 3rd Place Match: Marsha Gomez (Othello) defeated Elena Flores (Hermiston) by fall, 2:07.

145: 1st Place – Carmen Hall (Hanford). 2nd Place – Parys Payne (Hermiston). 3rd Place – Brisa Abrego Bonilla (Chiawana). 4th Place – Paisley Hood (Hanford). 5th Place – Leslie Pineda (Othello). 6th Place – Mariangela Gonzalez (Wahluke). 7th Place – Citali Ramoz (Wahluke). 8th Place – Alyssa Mogan (Manson).

1st Place Match: Carmen Hall (Hanford) defeated Parys Payne (Hermiston) by decision, 10-5.

155: 1st Place – Laura Meyers (Hermiston). 2nd Place – Ana Rojas (Othello). 3rd Place – Alexa Kemp (Walla Walla). 4th Place – Abby Foster (Hanford). 5th Place – Devan Regan (Manson). 6th Place – Zoe Almaguer (Chiawana).

1st Place Match: Laura Meyers (Hermiston) defeated Ana Rojas (Othello) by fall, 1:05.

170: 1st Place – Emily Osorio (Grandview). 2nd Place – Jaydan McKim (Hermiston). 3rd Place – Nancy Frayle (Manson). 4th Place – Josie Salazar (Wahluke). 5th Place – Amyah Chavez (Othello). 6th Place – Caitlyn Armstrong (Hermiston).

1st Place Match: Emily Osorio (Grandview) defeated Jaydan McKim (Hermiston) by fall, 2:21. 5th Place Match: Amyah Chavez (Othello) defeated Caitlyn Armstrong (Hermiston) by fall, 0:36.

190: 1st Place – Eseta Sepeni (Hermiston). 2nd Place – Elia Velazquez (Othello). 3rd Place – Amisadai Ortiz (Chiawana). 4th Place – Jorgia McKim (Hermiston). 5th Place – Sofia Tovar (Grandview). 6th Place – Izabelle Morris (East Valley Spokane).

1st Place Match: Eseta Sepeni (Hermiston) defeated Elia Velazquez (Othello) by fall, 1:49. 3rd Place Match: Amisadai Ortiz (Chiawana) defeated Jorgia McKim (Hermiston) by decision, 5-0.

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