Teams Start Season With John Hascall Memorial (Full Results)

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PILOT ROCK – Cross country teams representing Heppner, Imbler, Pendleton and Pilot Rock gathered at the Hoeft Farm in Pilot Rock to start off the season and honor John Hascall, a former Rocket cross country runner.

The boys race saw Heppner grabbing the top three positions led by senior Trevor Nichols and his time of 18 minutes, 24.91 seconds. Nichols was followed by junior Grady Greenwood and senior Jacob Finch.

Pendleton’s top finish went to freshman Jack Reynolds, placing fourth with a time of 21:47.35. Imbler’s Clinton Tarvin placed fifth, the top finish for the Panthers.

For the host Rockets, sophomore Carter Ford placed ninth with a time of 25:16.98.

Heppner freshman Lily Nichols was the first girl to cross the line, posting a time of 23:25.02. The top five finishers signaled a sign of youth as four sophomores joined the Heppner freshman. Imbler’s Paiten Braseth placed second followed by Mustang’s Saige Jensen, Pendleton’s Madely Lieuallen and Imbler’s Helen Gordon. The top finish for the host Rockets went to senior McKenna Bray in eighth. is again standing out from other media sources by listing all the runners from eastern Oregon schools in the cross-country competitions. First or 41st, all these runners made it to the finish line. There is only a single runner with the best time, but there are many more stories worth mentioning afterwards.

Boys Results

Team scores: 1. Heppner, 17. 2. Pendleton, 42.

Individual results: 1. Trevor Nichols (Heppner), 18:24.91. 2. Grady Greenwood (Heppner), 19:13.83. 3. Jacob Finch (Heppner), 21:16.83. 4. Jack Reynolds (Pendleton), 21:47.35. 5. Clinton Tarvin (Imbler), 23:11.10. 6. Owen Cunningham (Heppner), 24:37.89. 7. Kristian Takagi (Heppner), 24:46.72. 8. Carson Greenwood (Heppner), 25:02.51. 9. Carter Ford (Pilot Rock), 25:16.98. 10. Khoda Brown (Pendleton), 26:00.39. 11. Maliki Adams (Pendleton), 26:08.92. 12. Lewis Hansen (Pilot Rock), 26:31.27. 13. Tobin Twiliger (Imbler), 27:11.18. 14. Bryson Baleztena (Pilot Rock), 27:17.30. 15. Wyce Hatcher (Imbler), 27:52.08. 16. Nathan Burcham (Pendleton), 30:00.30. 17. Eric Baisley (Pendleton), 30:10.24. 18. Owen Burt (Pendelton), 30:16.91. 19. Ayden Hoeft (Pilot Rock), 30:52.25. 20. Nate Ellsworth (Heppner), 31:19.25. 21. Desmond Minthorn   (Pendleton), 34:39.88. 22. Jobe Moffett-Wallahee (Pendleton), 34:52.10.

Girls Results

Team scores: 1. Pendleton, 15

Individual results: 1. Lily Nichols (Heppner), 23:25.02. 2. Paiten Braseth (Imbler), 26:21.39. 3. Saige Jensen (Heppner), 27:49.56. 4. Madelyn Lieuallen (Pendleton), 28:16.51. 5. Helen Gordon (Imbler), 28:18.71. 6. Arianna Worden (Heppner), 28:53.26. 7. Melissa Tune (Pendleton), 29:43.64. 8. McKenna Bray (Pilot Rock), 29:51.64. 9. Paige Moffit (Pilot Rock), 30:45.86. 10. Isabella Estrada (Pendleton), 30:53.72. 11. Cassidy Ritter (Imbler), 34:15.28. 12. Tori Estrada (Pendleton), 34:20.29. 13. Brielle Bonzani (Pendleton), 35:02.11. 14. Genevieve Christiansen (Pendleton), 36:27.75. 15. Janae Minthorn (Pendleton), 36:50.30.

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