Riverside sweeps Irrigon and Vale in wrestling action

VALE – The trip to the Vale gym resulted in two team wins for the Riverside wrestling squad as the Pirates downed the Irrigon Knights and the host Vikings of Vale in wrestling action Thursday, January 30. Vale rebounded from the loss to Riverside, splitting the day with a win over Irrigon.

The Vikings downed the Knights, 51-15.

Riverside made the sweep by taking down Vale 43-33 and also defeating Irrigon 54-20.

Complete results of all the matches is below.

Photo Gallery – Irrigon v Riverside – Wrestling – John Braese

Photo Gallery – Vale v Irrigon – Wrestling – John Braese

Vale 51, Irrigon 15

Individual results: 195: Moritz Rusp (Vale) over Roberto Ayala (Irrigon) by fall, 3:19. 220: Yahir Paz (Vale) by forfeit. 285: Cameron Whitake (Vale) by forfeit. 113: Alexis Cleaver (Vale) over Rosita Orozco (Irrigon) by fall, 0:51. 120: Logan Cox (Vale) over Asher Hall (Irrigon) by decision, 12-10. 126: Nathan Kimball (Vale) by forfeit. 132: Jacob Ayala (Irrigon) over Colt Cummings (Vale) by decision, 7-6. 138: Tyler Richardson (Vale) by forfeit. 145: Jackson Schaffeld (Vale) over Justin Patton (Irrigon) by fall, 1:51. 152: Ronnie Norton (Vale) over Brendan Morgan (Irrigon) by fall, 5:01. 160: Alan Murguia (Irrigon) by forfeit. 170: Zachariah Koekemoer (Irrigon) by forfeit.

Riverside 43, Vale 33

Individual results: 195: Moritz Rusp (Vale) by forfeit. 220: Zachary McDonough (Riverside) over Yahir Paz (Vale) by decision, 11-7. 285: Jordy Mendoza (Riverside) over Cameron Whitake (Vale) by fall, 1:08. 106: Valeria Echevarria (Riverside) by forfeit. 113: Alexis Cleaver (Vale) over Angela Luna (Riverside) by fall, 1:11. 120: Fernado Oretega (Riverside) over Logan Cox (Vale) by fall, 1:44. 126: Nathan Kimball (Vale) over William Harris (Riverside) by fall, 0:32. 132: Ethan Snyder (Riverside) over Colt Cummings (Vale) by major decision, 13-2. 138: Tyler Richardson (Vale) over Nate Graham (Riverside) by fall, 2:30. 145: Ronnie Norton (Vale) Kevin Navarro (Riverside) by technical fall, 15-0. 152: Jackson Schaffeld (Vale) over Jacob Harris (Riverside) by major decision, 10-1. 160: Tyresc Boyd (Riverside) by forfeit. 170: Tony Jimenez (Riverside) by forfeit. 182: Jose Puerta (Riverside) by forfeit.

Riverside 54, Irrigon 20

Individual results: 170: Jose Puerta (Riverside) over Zachariah Koekemoer (Irrigon) by fall, 0.58. 182: Roberto Ayala (Irrigon) by forfeit. 195: Zachary McDonough (Riverside) over Kaleb Wells (Irrigon) by fall, 0:50. 285: Jordy Mendoza (Riverside) by forfeit. 106: Valeria Echevarria (Riverside) over Rosita Orozco (Irrigon) by fall, 0:56. 113: Asher Hall (Irrigon) over Angela Luna (Riverside) by technical fall, 16-0. 120: Fernando Ortega (Riverside) by forfeit. 126: William Harris (Riverside) by forfeit. 132: Jacob Ayala (Irrigon) over Ethan Snyder (Riverside) by decision, 5-3. 138: Nate Graham (Riverside) by forfeit. 145: Justin Patton (Irrigon) over Kevin Navarro (Riverside) by fall, 0:49. 152: Jacob Harris (Riverside) over Brenden Morgan (Irrigon) by fall, 3:19. 160: Tyresc Boyd (Riverside) over Alan Murguia (Irrigon) by fall, 0:20.