Vikings, Honkers and Hilanders Found On 3A All State Roster

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John L. Braese

After a Zoom call or two and more than a few emails back and forth, the 3A football coaches have spoken with the 3A All State football team named. The listing was represented on the eastern side of the state by Vale, Lakeview and Burns (eastern Oregon players notated in italicized bold).

Vale has much for which to brag as junior Gino Longoni was named Offensive Lineman of the Year and on the other side of the ball, fellow junior Jake DeVos picked up Defensive Lineman of the Year.

Vale senior Colten Stepleton saw his name twice as he was placed on honorable mention for his work as a quarterback and also picked up honorable mention on the defensive side as a linebacker.

Vale junior Kase Schaffeld will be back on the field next season after seeing first team honors this year as running back and doubling up as honorable mention of the defensive line.

Viking senior Brooks Haueter ends his high school career as a second team receiver after the voting was tallied. Haueter upped it to first team for his work as defensive back.

Also at the receiver position, junior Skyler Cade is back on the field next year with an honorable mention showing.

The Vikings continue on the offensive side with junior Damick Eddy listed as first team as a tight end. Eddy was one of numerous Vale players recognized twice as he picked up second team honors as a linebacker. Also back next season will be junior Raul Gonzalez as an offensive lineman recognized this season with honorable mention.

Vale senior Leland Tamez departs the Vikings as honorable mention defensive back.

Lakeview starts their showing on the listing with senior running back Brandon Markus picked as honorable mention. Also picking up honorable mention was senior wide receiver Denver Johnson.

Continuing with offense, Honker senior Owen Graham was chosen first team on the offensive line.

Switching to defense for Lakeview, senior Adrian Stubbs played his last high school with first team honors as a linebacker.

Back on the field for Burns next season will be sophomore Joe Well, honorable mention for his work on the defensive line. Also returning for the Hilanders will be junior Easton Kemper, a second team selection as linebacker.

Rounding out the returnees for Burns, junior punter Orion Houck was chosen honorable mention.

Offensive Player Of The Year – Ashton Moody (Cascade Christian)

Defensive Player Of The Year – Ashton Crossen (Banks)

Offensive Lineman Of The Year – Gino Longoni (Vale)

Defensive Lineman Of The Year –  Jake DeVos (Vale), Luke Bigsby (Banks)

Returner Of The Year – Boston Hodges (Dayton)

Coach Of The Year – Jonathan Gettman (Cascade Christian)

All State Offense

1st QB Ashton Moody (Cascade Christian)

1st QB Kade Long (Banks)

2nd QB Boston Hodges (Dayton)

HM QB Colten Stepleton (Vale)

HM QB Quinton Buckland (Elmira)

1st RB Kase Schaffeld (Vale)

1st RB Zach Smith (Dayton)

1st RB Jacob Logan (South Umpqua)

2nd RB Ashton Crossen (Banks)

2nd RB John Coiner (Santiam Christian)

2nd RB Justin deSmet (Sisters)

HM RB Jaydon Estrada (Kennedy)

HM RB Kaden Sutton (Yamhill-Carlton)

HM RB Brandon Markus (Lakeview)

HM RB Bo Messerle (Coquille)

HM RB Max Reynolds (Siuslaw)

1st WR Brayden Bigsby (Banks)

1st WR Peyton Maurer (Cascade)

1st WR Luke Wilson (Cascade)

2nd WR Brooks Haueter (Vale)

2nd WR Jesse Bauldree (Salem Academy)

2nd WR Kyler Colwell (Elmira)

HM WR Parker Littlejohn (Banks)

HM WR Koi Tolan (Taft)

HM WR Denver Johnson (Lakeview)

HM WR TJ Flowers (St. Marys)

HM WR Skyler Cade (Vale)

1st TE Damick Eddy (Vale)

2nd TE Morgan Gallagher (Dayton)

HM TE Noah Holub (Valley Catholic)

HM TE Will Johnson (Siuslaw)

1st OL Gino Longoni (Vale)

1st OL Luke Bigsby (Banks)

1st OL Cannon Capener (Dayton)

1st OL Tim Ferch (South Umpqua)

1st OL Owen Graham (Lakeview)

1st OL Brett Highburger (Elmira)

2nd OL Matt Chapman (Kennedy)

2nd OL Camilo Medina (Dayton)

2nd OL Kyle Ennis (Scio)

2nd OL Luke Ryder (Cascade)

2nd OL Cort Waggoner (Siuslaw)

HM OL Cole Wilsson (Banks)

HM OL Blake Jewett (Banks)

HM OL Ryan Gasken (North Valley)

HM OL Raul Gonzalez (Vale)

1st K Carson Smith (North Valley)

2nd K Ridge Jantzi (Salem Academy)

HM K Teagan Henderson (Banks)

All State Defense

1st DL Jake DeVos (Vale)

1st DL Luke Bigsby (Banks)

1st DL Morgan Gallagher (Dayton)

1st DL Joe Sissel (Siuslaw)

2nd DL Cole Vogel (Kennedy)

2nd DL Tanner Hurley (Yamhill-Carlton)

2nd DL John Coiner (Santiam Christian)

2nd DL Alex Fiannaca (Cascade Christian)

HM DL Joe Weil (Burns)

HM DL Kase Schaffeld (Vale)

HM DL Camilo Medina (Dayton)

HM DL Kyle Ennis (Scio)

HM DL Tim Ferch (South Umpqua)

HM DL Brett Highburger (Elmira)

1st LB Ashton Crossen (Banks)

1st LB Zach Smith (Dayton)

1st LB Adrian Stubbs (Lakeview)

1st LB Brendon Van Wart (Cascade Christian)

2nd LB Damick Eddy (Vale)

2nd LB Easton Kemper (Burns)

2nd LB Max Walker (Banks)

2nd LB Isaac Berning (Kennedy)

2nd LB Jacob Logan (South Umpqua)

HM LB Colten Stepleton (Vale)

HM LB Max Reynolds (Siuslaw)

1st DB Brooks Haueter (Vale)

1st DB Brayden Bigsby (Banks)

1st DB Elijah Traeger (Kennedy)

1st DB Boston Hodges (Dayton)

1st DB Justin deSmet (Sisters)

2nd DB Lane Gilbert (Banks)

2nd DB Peyton Maurer (Cascade Christian)

2nd DB Dylan Westlake (Cascade Christian)

HM DB Leland Tamez (Vale)

HM DB Kyle Slater (Yamhill-Carlton)

HM DB Blake Boshart (Santiam Christian)

HM DB Quinton Buckland (Elmira)

1st P Evan Haiferty (Taft)

2nd P Victor Giffen (Creswell)

HM P Orion Houck (Burns)