Previewing The Girls 1A District 4 Track and Field Meet

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BAKER – On Friday, May 13, 16 teams will gather at Baker High School promptly at 10 a.m. to decide the district championship for the 1A Special District 4. While the season provides a good indicator of what may occur, a false start, dropped baton, unknown injury or anything else could prove the following article absolutely worthless. That being said, here is our analysis of the upcoming meet.


100 meters: 1. Taylor Joyce (Crane), 13.02. 2. Addy Martin (Adrian), 13.13. 3. Dally Venell (Crane), 13.29. 4. Kortney Doman (Crane), 13.41.5. Ayla Bingham (Powder Valley), 13.48.

The interesting thing in this race is no runner in the top five is a senior. All are underclassmen with room to improve next year. Adrian’s Martin and Crane’s Venell are freshman.

200 meters: 1. Addy Martin (Adrian), 26.72. 2. Taylor Joyce (Crane), 27.25. 3. Riley Lucas (Adrian), 27.48. 4. Dally Venell (Crane), 27.67. 5, Ayla Bingham (Powder Valley), 28.17

Martin and Joyce swap places from the 100 meters and Adrian senior Lucas makes an appearance. The top five runners are just over one second apart.

400 meters: 1. Autumn Dobbs (Cove), 1:01.24. 2. Austyn Turner (Imbler), 1:04.73. 3. Rachel Baird (Cove), 1:05.70. 4. Janie Koopman (Prairie City), 1:06.63. 5. Kelsie Siegner (Crane), 1:07.70.

Cove’s Dobbs and Imbler’s Turner met April 23 with both posting their individual best times. The two should again push each other at district.

800 meters: 1. Autumn Dobbs (Cove), 2:32.62. 2. Presley Speelmon (Adrian), 2:33.20. 3. Kiana deLint (Imbler), 2:41.63. 4. Paiten Braseth (Imbler), 2:41.90. 5. Austyn Turner (Imbler), 2:45.26.

Another race of youth as the top five runners are sophomores or freshman. Imbler will pick up team points here, but the real race will come down to Cove’s Dobbs and Adrian’s Speelmon.

1500 meters: 1. Presley Speelmon (Adrian), 5:15.92. 2. Danielle O’Reilly (Cove), 5:49.34. 3. Hailey Davis (Cove), 5:49.77. 4. Iona McDonald (Joseph), 5:50.70. 5. Lydia Hasbell (Elgin), 5:52.10.

Adrian’s Speelmon should cruise in this race to a win.

3000 meters: 1. Danielle O’Reilly (Cove), 12:44.72. 2. Evalyn Nunez (Adrian), 12:50.21. 3. Kendra Counsell (Imbler), 12:52.14. 4. Audrey Garlitz (Cove), 12:55.63. 5. Dania Sather (Elgin), 13:38.47.

Both Adrian’s Nunez and Imbler’s Counsell ran their best times last week in Baker. Cove’s O’Reilly has only run the 3000 meters three times this year.

110-meter hurdles: 1. Kortney Doman (Crane), 16.71. 2. Kiana deLint (Imbler), 18.51.3. Amber George (Elgin), 18.79. 4. Klair Venell (Crane), 20.20. 5. Natalia Mathes (Huntington), 21.12.

Crane’s Doman dominates this race.

300-meter hurdles: 1. Kortney Doman (Crane), 47.88. 2. Kiana deLint (Imbler), 52.42. 3. Klair Venell (Crane), 55.52. 4. Ione McDonald (Joseph), 56.88. 5. Mikinah Browne (Imbler), 58.32.

Doman should pick up her second district crown.

4X100 relay: 1. Adrian, 51.78.2. Crane, 52.22. 3. Cove, 54.82. 4. Imbler, 55.76. 5. Four Rivers, 56.30.

Top two teams need to keep it clean in this race or the door opens for Cove.

4X400 relay: 1. Adrian, 4:25.94. 2. Imbler, 4:35.92. 3. Cove, 4:40.28. 4. Powder Valley, 4:49.67. 5. Elgin, 4:57.40.

A 10-second advantage goes to Adrian in this one, hard to beat.

Shot put: 1. Ella Randall (Pine Eagle), 38’7.5. 2. Allyssa Dudley (31’9. 3. Leslie Doman (Crane), 30’2.5. 4. Kelsie Siegner (Crane), 29’9. 5. Jayda Cant (Imbler), 29’2.

Pine Eagle’s freshman Randall has better throws in all seven of her meets this year than the rest of the field. The freshman picks up the first of her soon-to-be-many district titles.

Discus: 1. Leslie Doman (Crane), 96’5. 2. Allyssa Dudley (Adrian), 86’7. 3. Jayda Cant (Imbler), 82’8.5. 4. Riley Lucas (Adrian), 79’7. 5. Ashley Edmondson (Harper), 73’0.

Crane’s Doman least attempt this season was 88’5, two feet better than the rest of the field.

Javelin: 1. Dallee Bingham (Powder Valley), 107’10.5. 2. Leslie Doman (Crane), 104;9. 3. Basey Dawson (Joseph), 101’7. 4. Kylee Bagett (Elgin), 98’2. 5. Ella Randall (Pine Eagle), 93’5.

Powder Valley’s Bingham and Crane’s Doman met in Baker last week with Bingham winning. Both need to watch the Joseph freshman, Dawson as she could sneak in for the win (after her best throw on April 23, Dawson has struggled the last three meets including a 13th place finish in Baker).

High jump: 1. Kortney Doman (Crane), 5’4. 2. Lizzy Nielson (Adrian), 4’10. 3. Basey Dawson (Joseph), 4’10. 4. Janie Koopman (Prairie City), 4’8. 5. Jacey Anderson (Powder Valley), 4’6.

All Crane’s Doman here. Right day, right weather, watch for the Crane school record to fall-she came close in Nyssa.

Pole vault: 1. Taylor Joyce (Crane), 8’0. 2. JoJo Turner (Imbler), 7’0. 3. Leslie Doman (Crane), 6’0. 4. Zoey Beam (Prairie City), 5’6. 5. Maddy Bertrand (Crane), 4’0.

With the school record already in hand this year, Crane’s Joyce walks away with this one.

Long jump: 1. Lizzy Nielson (Adrian), 16’2. 2. Ayla Bingham (Powder Valley), 15’4. 3. Dally Venell (Crane), 15’3. 4. Taylor Joyce (Crane), 14’11. 5. Austyn Turner (Imbler), 14’8.

This is not as cut and dry as appears. Adrian’s Nielson has struggled lately, dropping into the 14’6 range while Powder Valley’s Bingham has also dropped below the 15-feet mark. Any athlete in this top five could take the district title in this event.

Triple jump: 1. Lizzy Nielson (Adrian), 33’3. 2. Brooke Teel (Prairie City), 31’0. 3. Jill Gammett (Jordan Valley), 30’10.5. 4. Lindsey Bertalotto (Adrian), 29’4. 4. Sadie Wagster (Adrian), 29’4.

Unlike the long jump, Adrian’s Nielson had her best jump just last week in Baker. Prairie City’s Teel and Jordan Valley’s Gammett are within striking distance to make this a close competition.

PREDICTION: Crane is just too strong this year, picking up points in sprints, relays, hurdles and field events. The Mustangs are the easy choice this year for a title.    

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