Player And Coach Of Year League Awards Follow Adrian’s State Title

After just hoisting the 1A state football trophy, the Adrian Antelopes received additional news as the 1A Special District 2-East announced league honors.

After picking up the Player of the Game award on Saturday for his efforts in the state title game, Adrian senior Conley Martin was chosen Player of the Year for the league after the coaches’ votes. Martin is joined by his coach, Billy Wortman, who picked up Coach of the Year.

The opponents in Saturday’s state title game dominated the honorees in the league selections. Antelope names filled 12 of the slots while 11 honorees names were Badger players.


First Team-Reece Dixon (Powder Valley)

Second Team-Mitch Clark (Crane)

Honorable Mention- Lute Ramsden (Wallowa)

Running Back

First Team-Clay Martin (Powder Valley)

First Team-Jace Martin (Adrian)

Second Team-Bruce Morehead (Elgin)

Honorable Mention-Quin Morton (Union)

Offensive Line

First Team-Toby Clow (Adrian)

First Team-Logan Proffitt (Powder Valley)

Second Team-Trevor Bertalloto (Adrian)

Second Team-Ty Hunt-Prince (Wallowa)


First Team-Colt Cobb (Powder Valley)

Second Team-Adan Bautista (Adrian)

Honorable Mention-Blake Jenkins (Elgin)

Honorable Mention-Nick Baxter (Union)


First Team-Kaden Kriger (Powder Valley)

First Team-Gavin Bayes (Adrian)

First Team-Riley Griffin (Adrian)

Second Team-Ty Taylor (Crane)

Second Team-Tee Ledbetter (Union)

Second Team-Lucas Hulse (Wallowa)

Defensive Line

First Team-Cade Lind (Powder Valley)

First Team-Misael Munoz (Adrian)

Second Team-Sam Kiely (Adrian)

Second Team-Ty Hunt (Wallowa)

Honorable Mention-Reece McConell (Elgin)

Defensive End

First Team-Casey Vaughan (Powder Valley)

First Team-Blake Jenkins (Elgin)

Second Team-Logan Defenbaugh (Crane)


First Team-Case Olson (Powder Valley)

First Team-Kelton Dunten (Crane)

First Team-Zak Morton (Union)

Second Team-Joe Lathrop (Elgin)

Second Team-Jesse Duncan (Wallowa)

Second Team-Ty McLaughlin (Elgin)

Honorable Mention-Bryce English (Cove)

Defensive Backs

First Team-Jace Martin (Adrian)

First Team-Cole Martin (Powder Valley)

Second Team-Ty Taylor (Crane)

Second Team-Carter Bayes (Adrian)

Honorable Mention-Bo Ledbetter (Union)


First Team-Case Olson (Powder Valley)

Second Team-Jace Martin (Adrian)

Honorable Mention-Jarod Zander (Crane)


First Team-Jake Doman (Crane)

Second Team-Joe Lathrop (Elgin)

Honorable Mention-Jose Mendez (Wallowa)

Special Team Return

First Team-Tucker Martin (Powder Valley)

Second Team-Bruce Morehead (Elgin)

Second Team-Ty Taylor (Crane)

Honorable Mention-Tee Ledbetter (Union)