Our Look At the 4A Football Proposals


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We do not envy the commission of the OSAA looking at the redistricting of football leagues. This is a thankless task, one where someone will be unhappy. We wish the commission the best of luck.

That said, we present the two proposals currently under consideration for 4A football. We have tried our best to break down the information into decipherable data. We will continue this process with the 3A, 2A, and 1A proposals. The information is so cumbersome we decided to break the information down for separate articles for each division. 

5-District Proposal                                               


Crook County Cowboys – Population 603                                 

La Grande Tigers – Population 432                                 

Madras White Buffaloes – Population 418                                 

Pendleton Buckaroos -Population 588                                 

Redmond Panthers – Population 804

Ridgeview Ravens – Population 753

The Dalles Riverhawks -Population 511


6-District Proposal


Baker Bulldogs Population 358

La Grande Tigers Population 432

McLoughlin Pioneers Population 290

Ontario Tigers Population 364

Current League For Football 2021

Crook County-5A playing down to 4A with 1-3 record                      

La Grande-4A with a 2-1 record       

Ontario-4A with a 0-3 record   

McLoughlin-4A playing down to 3A (0-3)                                                      

Madras-4A with a 2-1 record         

Baker-4A with a 1-3 record                                                             

Pendleton-5A with a 4-1 record (cooperatives with                          

 Griswold and Nixyaawii)

Redmond-5A with a 2-1 record

Ridgeview-5A with a 4-1 record

The Dalles-5A with a 1-2 record

Here is what we see:

  • This year, Pendleton is ranked sixth in the 5A state rankings. Dropping down to 4A, count on the Buckaroos dominating league play in the five-district proposal.
  • La Grande would need to dramatically increase travel budget under the five-district proposal.
  • Five current 5A teams would drop down to join two 4A teams under the five-district proposal.
  • Much like in recent years, the league is just too small under the six-district proposal. If the OSAA continues to allow teams to drop down after showing the inability to win, count on McLoughlin to again petition to drop to the 3A leaving a league of three. A league of three teams is ridiculous.
  • The champion of the league could face teams at the state tournament of schools with 883 students under the five-district proposal. This is double La Grande’s student population.
  • The champion of the league could face teams at the state tournament of schools with 514 students under the six-district proposal. MacHi is at 290.
  • Making a schedule under the six-district proposal is extremely difficult and playing non-league teams outside the state hurts teams on the Colley ranking. Previous year’s plan on playing each team twice, once league and one non-league was just stupid.

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Now it is your turn. What did we not mention you think is worth discussing? Which proposal is best for your team and for football in Oregon? Email your suggestions, your complaints, your new plan to [email protected] or contact us on messenger. As this process moves along, we will update the story with your ideas and concerns.