OSAA Updates Multiple Sports

WILSONVILLE, OR – The recent summer workshop of the OSAA Executive Board resulted in a number of changes/rulings regarding multiple sports in Oregon.

6-Person Football

For the 2021 season, the season will be extended two weeks.

GED Students Playing On A Team

The board set a number of rulings necessary for a GED student within a district to play on a school’s team. The requirements are extensive and can be found at https://www.osaa.org/docs/board/20210720summary.pdf.

Hair Adornments

Following the recent national changes, the OSAA clarified the rulings on hair in sports.

  • Cheerleading-– Hair must be worn in a manner that is appropriate for the activity involved. Hair adornment(s) must be secured.
  • Volleyball-Hair with adornments must be secured so as not to present a safety hazard to the player, teammates, or opponents. If the hair adornment(s) become dislodged prior to or during competition, it must be secured before the participant can return to play.
  • Basketball-Prohibited
  • Football-Prohibited
  • Soccer-Prohibited
  • Wrestling-Prohibited
  • All other sports allow hair adornments.

Sports Practices

Practice Model to require students complete a minimum of five days of practice before competing unless they participated in the immediately preceding season. The Football practice requirement remains unchanged at nine days.

Girls Wrestling

Voted to increase the Wrestling brackets for girls to a 12-person bracket in each weight class starting with the 2021- 22 state championships.