Ontario girls victorious at Anthony Memorial

ONTARIO – The Ontario girls’ wrestling team paid homage to a former Tiger coach, winning the team title at the Charlie Anthony Memorial on Saturday, December 28.

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The Tigers had 69 points on the board at the end of the tournament, beating out second place Payette and the Pirate’s 40 points. The combined team of Baker and Powder Valley placed third, amassing 37 points while the Nyssa Bulldogs placed fourth after a score of 33 points. In sixth place was the combined team of McLoughlin, Weston-McEwen and Griswold.

Competing in a round robin format, Ontario took first place in 155 pounds with junior Maria Diaz and with junior Aiyana Luna claiming the title at 235 pounds.

Freshman McKay Anderson provided Baker/Powder Valley points after winning at 115 pounds. Anderson was joined on the winner’s stand by junior Bailey Cole for Baker/Powder Valley as Cole took the title at 190 pounds.

In the 100-pound class, Nyssa sophomore Neveah Ortega was the top wrestler, the lone Bulldog to take top honors.

McLoughlin/Weston-McEwen/Griswold also took home honors as sophomore Aysia Quigg swept through a field of four wrestlers to take first place in the 145-pound classification.

Team scores: 1. Ontario, 69. 2. Payette, 40. 3. Baker/Powder Valley, 37. 4. Nyssa, 33. 5. Homedale, 22. 6. McLoughlin/Weston-McEwen/Griswold, 14. 7. Marsing, 7.

Individual results: 100: First place, Neveah Ortega (Nyssa). Second place, Virginia Tolman (Adrian). Round one, Ortega over Tolman by fall, 3:41. Round two, Ortega over Tolman by technical fall, 18-1. 115: First place, McKay Anderson (Baker/Powder Valley). Second place, Angelica Scott (Ontario). Third place, Kayla Springer (Baker/Powder Valley). Round one, Anderson over Scott by fall, 0:39. Round two, Scott over Springer by fall, 2:53. Round three, Anderson over Springer by fall, 2:48. 125: First place, Arimah Egner (Payette). Second place, Jordan Barrett (Ontario). Third place, Yisella Torres (Nyssa). Fourth place, Elizabeth Hergesheimer (Homedale). Fifth place, Monica Ibanez (Nyssa). Sixth place, Dyandra Pack (Nyssa). Round one, Egner over Torres by fall, 1:25. Hergesheimer over Pack by fall, 0:23. Barrett over Ibanez by fall, 0:31. Second round, Egner over Barrett by fall, 3:37. Ibanez over Pack by fall, 0:21. Torres over Hergesheimer by fall, 3:04. Third round, Egner over Ibanez by fall, 1:06. Torres over Pack by fall, 2:54. Barrett over Hergesheimer by fall, 1:15. Round 4, Barrett over Pack by fall, 0:11. Torres over Ibanez by fall, 5:29. Fifth round, Egner over Pack by fall, 1:07. Hergesheimer over Ibanez by fall, 0:52. Barrett over Torres by major decision, 15-3. 135: First place, Savannah Turner (Homedale). Second place, Kaydince Turner (Homedale). Third place, Kaci Anderson (Baker/Powder Valley). Fourth place, Viviana Diaz (Ontario). Fifth place, Cassie Pettit (Baker/Powder Valley). Round one, Kaydince Turner over Anderson by fall, 2:13. Diaz over Pettit by decision, 15-10. Round two, Savannah Turner over Diaz by fall, 2:19. Kaydince Turner over Pettit by fall, 3:10. Round three, Savannah Turner over Pettit by fall, 0:36. Anderson over Diaz by fall, 3:04. Round four, Savannah Turner over Anderson by fall, 0:54. Kaydince Turner over Diaz by fall, 0:43. Round five, Savannah Turner over Kaydince Turner by fall, 4:48. Anderson over Pettit by major decision, 13-1. 145: First place, Aysia Quigg (Mcloughlin/Weston-McEwen/Griswold). Second place, Miah Garcia (Payette). Third place, Jaristian Fuentes (Marsing). Fourth place, Rebecca Daniels (Baker/Powder Valley). Round one, Quigg over Daniels by fall, 0:57. Round two, Quigg over Garcia by fall, 5:10.  Fuentes over Daniels by fall, 3:51. Round three, Garcia over Daniels by fall, 1:22. Quigg over Fuentes by fall, 2:50. 155: First place, Maria Diaz (Ontario). Second place, Ashley Cano (Ontario). Third place, Julianna Sandberg (Baker/Powder Valley). Fourth place, Shayna Ruby (Baker/Powder Valley). Round one, Diaz over Ruby by fall, 0:18. Cano over Sandberg by fall, 3:19. Round two, Sandberg over Ruby by fall, 4:29. Diaz over Cano by fall, 2:18. Round three, Cano over Ruby by fall, 1:28. Diaz over Sandberg by fall, 0:31. 190: First place, Bailey Cole (Baker/Powder Valley). Second place, Naidelin Canchola (Ontario). Third place, Jasmin Lopez (Ontario). Fourth place, Francelia Celedonio (Nyssa). Round one, Lopez over Celedonio by fall, 1:34. Cole over Canchola by fall, 3:13. Round two, Cole over Celedonio by fall, 0:38. Canchola over Lopez by fall, 3:48. Round three, Canchola over Celedonio by fall, 3:11. Cole over Lopez by fall, 1:48. 235: First place, Aiyana Luna (Ontario). Second place, Maritza Gonzalez (Ontario). First round, Luna over Gonzalez by fall, 0:36. Second round, Luna over Gonzalez by fall, 0:28.