Nyssa girls 2nd, LaPine 7th at Adrian Irwin

BEND – The drive home from Bend was a little cheerier for both the Nyssa and LaPine girls’ wrestling squads as Nyssa placed second in the team standings while LaPine finished seventh.

The host Bend team grabbed the team title with 171 points. Nyssa, putting up 125.5 points was second with McKay in third. LaPine ended the tournament with 40 points.

The bulk of LaPine’s points came from a first place finish by senior Olivia Flack in the 100-pound class. Flack remained undefeated at 5-0 for the season with a pair of wins for the tournament.

For Nyssa, junior Vanessa Ruiz made the trip back to Nyssa as the champion in the 125-pound classification. In the title match, Ruiz took a major decision, 13-0, over Tyler Patterson of Sisters High School.

The Bulldogs also found second place finishes by sophomore Junnie Morales (140 pounds) and senior Noelle Acosta (155 pounds).

Team scores: 1. Bend, 171. 2. Nyssa, 125.5. 3. McKay, 95. 4. Madras, 67. 5. Ridgeview, 60. 6. Mountain View, 52. 7. LaPine, 40. 8. Redmond, 27. 9. Summit, 23. 10. The Dalles/Dufur, 20. 11. Sisters, 18.

Individual results: 100: Round one, Olivia Flack (LaPine) over Neveah Ortega (Nyssa) by fall, 1:07. Round two, Olivia Flack (LaPine) over Ashley Gonzalez (McKay) by fall, 0:38. Round three, Ashley Gonzalez (McKay) over Neveah Ortega (Nyssa) by fall, 0:46. 115: First place, Tess Barnett (McKay) over Hayleigh Michael (LaPine) by fall, 0:45. Third place, Yisella Torres (Nyssa) over Juliette Leal (Bend) by fall, 1:27. 120: Round one, Lizeth Chavez (McKay) over Dyandra Pack (Nyssa) by fall, 1:30. Round two, Raquel Martinez (McKay) over Dyandra Pack (Nyssa) by fall, 0:11. Round three, Jordan Taylor (Bend) over Dyandra Pack (Nyssa) by fall, 0:53. 125: First place, Vanessa Ruiz (Nyssa) over Tyler Patterson (Sisters) by major decision, 13-0. Third place, Anayelo Celedonio (Nyssa) over Ariannah Duff (McKay) by decision, 7-5. 135: Third place, Sarahy Guerrero (Nyssa) over Chloe Burgess (Redmond) by fall, 3:43. 140: First place, Taylor Ohlson (Mountain View) over Junnie Morales (Nyssa) by fall, 0:57. 145: Round one, Alexandra Byrne (Mountain View) over Daisy Hernandez (Nyssa) by fall, 0:44. Round two, Jasmine Pederson (Summit) over Daisy Hernadez (Nyssa) by fall, 1:29. Round three, Daisy Hernandez (Nyssa) over Kai Hoff (The Dalles/Dufur) by fall, 3:51. 155: First place, Fatima Albarran (Bend) over Noelle Acosta (Nyssa) by fall, 2:27. 170: Round one, Madalyn Aagerter (Mountain View) over Francelia Celedonio (Nyssa) by fall, 0:11. Round two, Bailey Dennis (Madras) over Francelia Celedonio (Nyssa) by fall, 0:13. Round three, Abigail Dorsey (Bend) over Francelia Celedonio (Nyssa) by fall, 0:15. 235: Round one, Ashlyn Dennis (Madras) over Yvette Martinez (Nyssa) due to injury. Round two, Melia Cuevas (Bend) over Yvette Martinez (Nyssa) by forfeit. Round three, Alexis McCoy (Summit) over Yvette Martinez (Nyssa) by forfeit.