No rankings and shorter bus trips according to OSAA

WILSONVILLE – Those late night bus trips home may be shorter after the Oregon School Activities Association made a few decisions on Wednesday, October 14 in an executive board meeting.

In a memo sent to all schools, OSAA directed schools to prioritize games close to home regardless of an opposing team’s classification.

“I think many schools will continue to play in their league because their leagues make sense, but there are some areas where you may be crossing four or five counties within a league,” OSAA executive director Peter Weber said. “If you can play closer to home, that’s probably a better fit at this point.”

The decision impacts many of the teams in eastern Oregon, an area with league matchups several counties in distance.

The OSAA also decided to not use the current ranking system for the 2020-21 season only. Again, the decision was made to limit travel during this time of Covid. The move to do away with the ranking system creates a dilemma of determining state playoffs. Committees comprised of athletic directors and coaches are currently working on a number of ideas to championship play. However, the emphasis remains on getting to play.

“The messages that we got pretty loud and clear from those groups was wanting to have some type of meaningful event for kids,” Weber said. “They know that it may not look like traditional state championships. It may not be a state championship at all in some activities. The message was more about maximizing the participation opportunities.”