New Ontario coach looking to change culture

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ONTARIO – Quinton Erhard grew up watching high school basketball. His father coached Weiser for over 20 years and Erhard played for the Wolverines from 2006 to 2009.

Now married and with children of his own, Erhard went looking for his own team to coach. Standing in the Ontario gym surrounded by 10 girls performing lay-up drills, Erhard appears to have found his team with the Tigers girls basketball team.

“I knew I always wanted to coach and I jumped at the chance to be here in Ontario,” said Erhard. “Looking at the banners on the wall, Ontario has not taken a league title in quite a while. It is time to change that. It is time to change the culture of girls basketball in Ontario, time to make the girls believe they can win.”

Last season, the Tiger girls finished 2-20, beating only McLoughlin in league play.

“Looking at the talent on the team, they should have been better than the record shows,” Erhard commented.

Erhard is planning for the upcoming short season as a chance to just see the team on the court. After the season is completed, his plans include camps for younger, upcoming Tigers in cooperation with the boy’s team coaching staff.

“I just want to use this upcoming short season as a prep for next year,” he said.

In addition to working full time, coaching and being a husband and father, Erhard still finds time to pursue interests in mountain biking and triathlons.   

“My dad talks about coming over and seeing what I am doing here in Ontario,” Erhard said. “If I have questions, I can go to him for experience.”