Never Leave Early If Vale/Nyssa Game

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NYSSA – We offer the following information as a public service announcement.

We at mistakenly believed the following information was common knowledge. However, newer fans of both Vale and Nyssa may not have the appropriate experience and long-term fans of the Bulldogs and Vikings may have become lackadaisical and not remembered protocol.

The guidance provided here applies to most anything. If a Nyssa team and a Vale team are competing against each other, leaving midway through the battle (halftime) is forbidden. Fans for both teams are urged to watch a game clock, not the score. The score means nothing until the final buzzer or horn is sounded. Whatever the score may say at any point until the final buzzer is useless.

If Vale and Nyssa are lined up against each other in a child’s game of Candyland with only one color needed to reach the finish line, fans better stick around until the color blue is rolled and the finish line is crossed.

Photo Gallery – Nyssa v Vale – John Braese

We offer this guidance as fans were grabbing their coats and exiting the Bulldog gym in droves on Saturday, Jan. 15 as the two teams left the floor for halftime. Fans for both teams mistakenly believed the game was firmly in the hands of the Vale boys’ basketball team. The Vikings were leading 23-7. Vale’s John Wolfe had more points than the entire Bulldog team. Vale’s Diesel Johnson had more points than the entire Bulldog team. Heading home appeared the prudent idea.

Here is where are public announcement kicks in. The clock states a half is still yet to be played-the score is useless information at this juncture.

The Bulldog boys put up 21 points in the third quarter and although the Vikings ultimately returned to Vale with a 47-38 victory, those who left at halftime, fans of both teams, missed a well fought, typical Vale/Nyssa game.

“We quit hitting our shots and we let down on defense,” said Vale coach Colby Shira. “I think our team learned tonight you need to play an entire game.”

Johnson ended with 17 points to lead Vale’s win. Wolfe finished with 11 points and Brooks Haueter added 7 points.

For Nyssa, Orin Stipe had 10 points, the lone Bulldog in double figures. Zach Kaulser finished with 9 points.

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