Mustangs buck off Buckaroos – Crane ends St. Paul’s 49 game win streak

Editor’s note. Coverage of this game, article, and photo gallery were all done by Rhett Landon. Rhett reached out to us as he wanted a chance to cover a game. If you know of anyone that would potentially want to cover any high school games in eastern Oregon, shoot us an email at [email protected], we would love to give young writers/photographers an opportunity to publish their work. Thanks and good job Rhett!

BEND – In this non-league neutral site matchup at Bend High School between the Mustangs from Crane Union High school and the Buckaroos from St. Paul High School the stakes were high as both teams were undefeated for the season. In the end, Crane prevailed as the winner, beating St. Paul 49-64.

The Mustangs got into foul trouble early with multiple starters have two fouls.  With the first quarter coming to an end, the Buckaroo’s lead the Mustangs 12-11.

In the second quarter, the Mustangs started to run away. The Mustangs were able to break apart the Buckaroos defense and open up the score. The Mustangs defense were able to break apart the Buckaroos offense and only let the Buckaroos add 13. But the Buckaroos didn’t give up. Buckaroos senior Erin Counts was able to help them stay in the game by having eight of the 13 points. The Mustangs went into the locker room leading 25-32.

To start the second half the Mustangs kept going strong, but the Buckaroos came fighting. The Buckaroos were able to keep the Mustangs from adding to their lead. But it wasn’t long till the Mustangs broke apart the Buckaroos defense. Two of the Mustangs starters and top scores Riley Davis and Kelsie Seigner gained their fourth fouls causing  coach Stub Travis to pull them. Even with two starters out, the Mustangs were leading at the end of the third 37-50.

Seigner said, “I was just too excited and got a little too aggressive without being super smart about it.”

Even though the Buckaroos trailing by thirteen points at the start of the fourth quarter, they still continued to fight strong. But due the high intensity of the following quarters and with little substitutions from either team both sides, the action started to slow as both teams were tired.

The Mustangs switched to a five out offense and moved the ball the ball as much as they could to try to burn out the clock. The Buckaroos continued with their same offense and was able to add 12 points.

Photo Gallery – Crane v St. Paul – Girls Basketball – Rhett Landon

The Mustangs over came the Buckaroos 49-64 ending their 49 game winning streak.

When asked about the game Crane head coach Stub Travis said, “It was a great win for building our confidence.”

The Buckaroos had two starters scoring double digits. Isabelle Wyss lead the Buckaroos with 21 followed by Erin Counts with 17. The Buckaroos are now 18-1.

The Mustangs had four of their starters scoring double digits. Seigner lead the Mustangs with 17, followed by Riley Davis and Shelie Doman with 13 each, and Dani Clark with 11. The Mustangs Improved to 15-0.