La Pine Girls Hold Off Ridgeview At Culver Invitational

CULVER – As the Culver Girls Invitational wrapped up action on Saturday, Dec. 11, the La Pine squad was able to hold off Ridgeview by a mere five points and take home the team title.

The Hawks, led by championships from Julietta Leal and Kira Kerr scored 86 points while Ridgeview ended the tournament with 81 points. Grant Union, with 70 points, placed third and Riverside placed fifth. The combined team of Heppner and Ione finished eighth.

 Team scores: 1. La Pine, 86.0. 2. Ridgeview, 81.0. 3. Grant Union, 70.0. 4. Madras, 64.5. 5. Riverside, 39.0. 6. Culver, 36.0. 7. Sisters, 36.0. 8. Heppner/Ione, 29.0.

83-99: Round 1; Virginia Tolman (Adrian) defeated Cortanie Hendry (La Pine) by fall, 0:26. Arianna Flores (Madras) defeated Mayte Pacheco (Riverside) by fall, 1:23. Round 2; Mayte Pacheco (Riverside) defeated Cortanie Hendry (La Pine) by fall, 0:46. Arianna Flores (Madras) defeated Virginia Tolman (Adrian) by decision, 14-9. Round 3; Arianna Flores (Madras) defeated Cortanie Hendry (La Pine) by technical fall, 18-2. Virginia Tolman (Adrian) defeated Mayte Pacheco (Riverside) by fall, 5:10.

104-113: 5th Place Match; Rosita Orozco (Irrigon) defeated Miriam Noy (Culver) by fall, 2:42. 7th Place Match; Megan Brock (Joseph) received a bye.

116-120: 1st Place Match; Arionna Day (Ridgeview) defeated Zoey Beam (Grant Union) by fall, 0:38. 2nd Place Wrestleback; Zoey Beam (Grant Union) over Katelyn Wiseman (Riverside), no contest. 3rd Place Match; Katelyn Wiseman (Riverside) defeated Jayda Nance (Ridgeview) by fall, 0:57. 5th Place Match; Kylee Miller (La Pine) defeated Macy Carter (Grant Union) by fall, 3:42. 7th Place Match; Karensa Jones (Riverside) received a bye.

123-128: 5th Place Match; June Wolf (Grant Union) defeated Zahaira Boos (Riverside) by fall, 4:26.

128-136: 1st Place Match; Julietta Leal (La Pine) defeated Hensley Wachter (Culver) by fall, 1:30. 2nd Place Wrestleback; Hensley Wachter (Culver) defeated Kylie Boor (Heppner/Ione) by fall, 1:31. 3rd Place Match; Kylie Boor (Heppner/Ione) defeated Isabelle Copeland (Ridgeview) by fall, 1:57. 5th Place Match; Dayana Sepulveda (Riverside) defeated Fiona Piper (Chiloquin) by fall, 0:15.

132-141: 3rd Place Match; Kylie Holden (Heppner/Ione) defeated Alisha Dominguez (Culver) by fall, 0:38. 5th Place Match; Serenity Marcano (Grant Union) defeated Kira Chambers (Chiloquin) by fall, 1:22.

144-158: 1st Place Match; Kira Kerr (La Pine) defeated Riley Allison (La Pine) by fall, 1:53. 2nd Place Wrestleback; Riley Allison (La Pine) defeated Tayva Forman (North Lake), no contest. 3rd Place Match; Tayva Forman (North Lake) defeated Jaydika Anderson (Grant Union) by fall, 2:35. 5th Place Match; Julia Wolfe (Madras) defeated Brittanie Ely (Irrigon) by fall, 0:59.

172-217: Round 1; Stephanie Romero (Irrigon) defeated Delaney Coombs (Grant Union) by fall, 0:38. Mallory Lusco (Grant Union) received a bye. Round 2; Stephanie Romero (Irrigon) received a bye. Mallory Lusco (Grant Union) defeated Delaney Coombs (Grant Union) by fall, 2:06. Round 3; Stephanie Romero (Irrigon) defeated Mallory Lusco (Grant Union) by fall, 2:40. Delaney Coombs (Grant Union) received a bye.

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