La Grande wrestling squad blows out competition

REDMOND – In what could be a peek into the upcoming state championships, the La Grande wrestling team took home the team title at the recent Oregon Classics in Redmond.

Opening the round robin pool to start, the Tigers downed both Mollala and Madras by scores of 78-0. The final duel of the day went La Grande’s way also, this time by a score of 72-6 over Woodburn.

Entering quarterfinal competition, the Tigers took care of Cascade, 64-18. In the semifinals, the Tigers defeated Tillamook, 66-12.

La Grande grabbed the team title in the finals, wrestling their closest opponent of the tournament and taking care of Sweet Home, 45-19.

The Tigers had multiple wrestlers not losing a match over the two days and easily outpaced the rest of the 4A competition.

The combined team of Baker and Powder Valley placed fourth in the tournament. After breezing through day one with wins over North Marion, Crook County 2 and Cascade, the Bulldogs defeated Philomath, 57-24 in the quarterfinals. Facing Sweet Home in the semifinals, Baker/Powder Valley fell, 57-24. Battling Tillamook for third place, the Bulldogs fell, 52-26.

The Ontario Tiger team took wins over Sisters and Marshfield on day one before losing to Sweet Home, 60-21. Tillamook took care of the Tigers in the quarterfinals, 60-24. 

Round 1   Baker/Powder Valley 66, North Marion 9

113: Caleb Shaw (Baker/Powder Valley) by forfeit. 120: Gavin Stone (Baker/Powder Valley) by forfeit. 126: Martin Pacheco (North Marion) over Jordan Cooper (Baker/Powder Valley) by decision, 5-4. 132: Ronaldo Hernandez (North Marion) over Cody Eskew (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 4:57. 138: Casey Vaughan (Baker/Powder Valley) over Kevin Guzman (North Marion) by fall, 3:28. 145: Jake Eskew (Baker/Powder Valley) over Caedyn Laninga (North Marion) by fall, 2:00. 152: Ian Feldmeier (Baker/Powder Valley) by forfeit. 160: Adrian Allen (Baker/Powder Valley) by forfeit. 170: Gauge Bloomer (Baker/Powder Valley) over Shawn Ostrander (North Marion) by fall, 0:37. 182: MaHonri Rushton (Baker/Powder Valley) over Terrin Sheridan (North Marion) by fall, 0:16. 195: Alex Ritter (Baker/Powder Valley) over Bryan Bravo Gonzalez (North Marion) by fall, 0:31. 220: Colt Cobb (4a Baker/Powder Valley) by forfeit. 285: Jaden Martin (4a Baker/Powder Valley) by forfeit.

Round 2   Baker/Powder Valley 54, Crook County 2 27

113: Ross McKinney (Crook County 2) over Caleb Shaw (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 1:26. 120: Gavin Stone (Baker/Powder Valley) over Cutter Marsh (Crook County 2) by fall, 1:36. 126: Trentyn Maryanski (Crook County 2) over Jordan Cooper (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 1:42. 132: Johnny Niehaus (Baker/Powder Valley) over Brad McLean (Crook County 2) by fall, 1:26. 138: Gage Perry (Crook County 2) over Casey Vaughan (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 1:38. 145: Alexander Vail (Crook County 2) over Jake Eskew (Baker/Powder Valley) by decision, 5-2. 152: Ian Feldmeier (Baker/Powder Valley) over Gage Hanson (Crook County 2) by fall, 0:58. 160: Adrian Allen (Baker/Powder Valley) over Jubal Brumble (Crook County 2) by fall, 1:10. 170: Gauge Bloomer (Baker/Powder Valley) over Clayton Berman (Crook County 2) by fall, 0:37. 182: MaHonri Rushton (Baker/Powder Valley) over Aaron Bowen (Crook County 2) by fall, 0:41. 195: Alex Ritter (Baker/Powder Valley) over Jacob VanLeuven (Crook County 2) by fall, 1:49. 220: Colt Cobb (Baker/Powder Valley) over Wyatt Holliday (Crook County 2) by fall, 2:53. 285: Jaden Martin (Baker/Powder Valley) by forfeit.

Round 3   Baker/Powder Valley 41, Cascade 38

113: Daniel Moore (Cascade) over Caleb Shaw (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 0:58. 126: Gavin Stone (Baker/Powder Valley) over Trenton Wymore (Cascade) by fall, 0:33. 132: Johnny Niehaus (Baker/Powder Valley) over Zackery Fulgham (Cascade) by technical fall, 16-0. 138: Caymus Roache (Cascade) over Casey Vaughan (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 5:56. 145: Kane Nixon (Cascade) over Jake Eskew (Baker/Powder Valley) by technical fall, 18-2. 160: Ian Feldmeier (Baker/Powder Valley) over Ben Roth (Cascade) by fall, 1:17. 170: Gauge Bloomer (Baker/Powder Valley) over Kayden Lindquist (Cascade) by fall, 1:59. 182: MaHonri Rushton (Baker/Powder Valley) by forfeit. 195: Colt Cobb (Baker/Powder Valley) over Waylon Wymore (Cascade) by fall, 3:55. 220: Rion Gage (Cascade) over Alex Ritter (Baker/Powder Valley) by decision, 7-1. 285: Jaden Martin (Baker/Powder Valley) over Ben Fouts (Cascade) by fall, 2:45.

Quarterfinal   Baker/Powder Valley 57, Philomath 24

113: Blake Niemann (Philomath) over Caleb Shaw (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 3:14. 120: Gavin Stone (Baker/Powder Valley) over Isaac Harris (Philomath) by fall, 1:17. 126: Johnny Niehaus (Baker/Powder Valley) over Benjamin Hernandez (Philomath) by fall, 1:23. 132: Caleb Blackburn (Philomath) over Cody Eskew (Baker/Powder Valley) due to injury. 138: Casey Vaughan (Baker/Powder Valley) over Jacob Williams (Philomath) by fall, 0:59. 145: Jake Eskew (Baker/Powder Valley) over David Griffith (Philomath) by fall, 3:38. 152: Ian Feldmeier (Baker/Powder Valley) over Blaise Pindell (Philomath) by fall, 1:40. 160: Gauge Bloomer (Baker/Powder Valley) over Cooper Latz (Philomath) by fall, 0:55. 170: Adrian Allen (Baker/Powder Valley) by forfeit. 182: MaHonri Rushton (Baker/Powder Valley) over Issiah Blackburn (Philomath) by fall, 1:17. 220: Colt Cobb (Baker/Powder Valley) by forfeit. 285: Jaden Martin (Baker/Powder Valley) over Joseph Choi (Philomath) by decision, 13-7.

Semifinal   Sweet Home 57, Baker/Powder Valley 24

113: Kyle Watkins (Sweet Home) over Caleb Shaw (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 0:40. 120: Rian Howard (Sweet Home) over Gavin Stone (Baker/Powder Valley) by decision, 9-3. 126: Johnny Niehaus (Baker/Powder Valley) over Connor Ford (Sweet Home) by fall, 1:33. 132: Christian Gregory (Sweet Home) over Cody Eskew (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 1:48. 138: Jackson Royer (Sweet Home) over Casey Vaughan (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 0:49. 145: Brayden Newport (Sweet Home) over Jake Eskew (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 5:55. 160: Ian Feldmeier (Baker/Powder Valley) over Isaac Schaffer (Sweet Home) by fall, 1:50. 170: Jesse Jamison (Sweet Home) over Gauge Bloomer (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 1:00. 182: MaHonri Rushton (Baker/Powder Valley) over Nich James (Sweet Home) by fall, 4:51. 195: Iakona Howerton (Sweet Home) over Alex Ritter (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 3:37. 220: Jake Fanning (Sweet Home) over Colt Cobb (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 1:20. 285: Jaden Martin (Baker/Powder Valley) over Colby Gazeley (Sweet Home) by fall, 1:18.

3rd Place Match   Tillamook 52, Baker/Powder Valley 26

113: Austin Simmons (Tillamook) over Caleb Shaw (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 1:06. 120: Gavin Stone (Baker/Powder Valley) over Bradley Rieger (Tillamook) by decision, 9-3. 126: Quintin Metcalfe (Tillamook) over Jordan Cooper (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 1:49. 132: Parker McKibbin (Tillamook) over Johnny Niehaus (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 3:52. 138: Keegan Hagerty (Tillamook) over Casey Vaughan (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 1:51. 145: Jake Eskew (Baker/Powder Valley) over Gilbert Whitlatch (Tillamook) by fall, 5:04. 152: Ian Feldmeier (Baker/Powder Valley) over Zeke Coon (Tillamook) by technical fall, 17-2. 160: Chad Werner (Tillamook) over Gauge Bloomer (Baker/Powder Valley) by major decision, 11-3. 170: Alex Werner (Tillamook) over Adrian Allen (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 0:15. 182: MaHonri Rushton (Baker/Powder Valley) by forfeit. 195: Tieson O Hagen (Tillamook) over Colt Cobb (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 0:47. 220: Jackson Contreras (Tillamook) over Alex Ritter (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 1:03. 285: Jaden Martin (Baker/Powder Valley) by forfeit.

Round 1   La Grande 78, Molalla 0

106: Brysen Peneloza (La Grande) over Maxam Salvetti (Molalla) by fall, 0:28. 113: Joshua Collins (La Grande) by forfeit. 120: Dominick Caratello (La Grande) over Wyatt Steach (Molalla) by fall, 0:44. 126: Cole Shafer (La Grande) by forfeit. 132: Braden Carson (La Grande) over Maximus Tate (Molalla) by fall, 4:59. 138: Cole Isaacson (La Grande) over Christian Roberts (Molalla) by decision, 8-1. 145: Braxton Bisenius (La Grande) over Dylan Wynn (Molalla) by decisión, 5-0. 152: Wyatt Livingston (La Grande) over Nolan Dorgan (Molalla) by fall, 1:26. 160: Casey Cornford (La Grande) over William Lindsay (Molalla) by fall, 1:51. 170: Parker Robinson (La Grande) over Hunter Beck (Molalla) by fall, 1:34. 182: Nathan Reed (La Grande) over Augden Shepard (Molalla) by fall, 0:57.. 195: Christopher Woodworth (La Grande) over Chase Martin (Molalla) by fall, 0:53. 220: Lincoln Clark (La Grande) over Dakoda Orfield (Molalla) by fall, 0:17. 285: Gabe Shuckle (La Grande) over Francisco Ignacio (Molalla) by fall, 0:47.

Round 2   La Grande 78, Madras 0

106: Delia Gulzow (La Grande) by forfeit. 113: Joshua Collins (La Grande) by forfeit. 120: Dominick Caratello (La Grande) over Jesus Alonso (Madras) by fall, 5:14. 126: Cole Shafer (La Grande) by forfeit. 132: Cole Isaacson (La Grande) over Malacai Alire (Madras) by fall, 2:55. 138: Alex Kehr (La Grande) over Dalton Keifer (Madras) by fall, 0:36. 145: Wyatt Livingston (La Grande) over Collin Switzler (Madras) by fall, 2:00. 152: Braxton Bisenius (La Grande) over Conner Comingore (Madras) by fall, 1:14. 160: Brody MacMillan (La Grande) over Orlando Torres (Madras) by decisión, 7-3. 170: Parker Robinson (La Grande) over Reece White (Madras) by decision, 7-1. 182: Nathan Reed (La Grande) over Bailey Dennis (Madras) by fall, 1:36. 195: Christopher Woodworth (La Grande) over Kody Zemke (Madras) by fall, 4:49. 220: Spencer Gerst (La Grande) over Shain Beymer (Madras) by fall, 0:12. 285: Gabe Shuckle (La Grande) over Chris Gandy (Madras) by fall, 2:23.

Round 3   La Grande 72, Woodburn 6

106: Brysen Peneloza (La Grande) over Juan Velasquez (Woodburn) by fall, 1:25. 113: Bella Gulzow (4a La Grande) by forfeit. 120: Dominick Caratello (La Grande) over Bryan Ramirez (Woodburn) by fall, 1:23. 126: Braden Carson (La Grande) over Wesley Vasquez (Woodburn) by technical fall, 19-3. 132: Cole Isaacson (La Grande) over Hector Paniagua (Woodburn) by decision, 9-4. 138: Freddy Hernandez (Woodburn) over Alex Kehr (La Grande) by fall, 3:30. 145: Braxton Bisenius (La Grande) over Kaden Christiansen (Woodburn) by major decision, 14-0. 152: Wyatt Livingston (La Grande) over Steven Villasenor (Woodburn) by fall, 1:26. 160: Casey Cornford (La Grande) over Alan Ibarra (Woodburn) by fall, 1:13. 170: Parker Robinson (La Grande) over Keven Mendoza (Woodburn) by fall, 1:06. 182: Nathan Reed (La Grande) over Alex Avendano (Woodburn) by fall, 1:10. 195: Christopher Woodworth (La Grande) over Santiago Roque (Woodburn) by fall, 1:15. 220: Lincoln Clark (La Grande) over Gunthrie DeCrozuc (Woodburn) by fall, 0:32. 285: Gabe Shuckle (La Grande) over Grant Morales (Woodburn) by fall, 0:20.

Quarterfinal   La Grande 64, Cascade 18

106: Brysen Peneloza (La Grande) over Adrian Cotton (Cascade) by fall, 0:10. 113: Mauro Michel (Cascade) over Joshua Collins (La Grande) by fall, 1:19. 120: Dominick Caratello (La Grande) over Connor Stapleton (Cascade) by fall, 4:35. 126: Braden Carson (La Grande) over Trenton Wymore (Cascade) by fall, 0:17. 132: Cole Isaacson (La Grande) over Zackery Fulgham (Cascade) by major decision, 12-0. 138: Alex Kehr (La Grande) over Caymus Roache (Cascade) by fall, 0:33. 145: Kane Nixon (Cascade) over Braxton Bisenius (La Grande) by fall, 1:41. 152: Noah Thompson (Cascade) over Wyatt Livingston (La Grande) by fall, 0:53. 160: Brody MacMillan (La Grande) over Ben Roth (Cascade) by fall, 3:01. 170: Parker Robinson (La Grande) over Kayden Lindquist (Cascade) by fall, 1:21. 182: Nathan Reed (La Grande) over Waylon Wymore (Cascade) by fall, 2:40. 195: Christopher Woodworth (La Grande) over Gale Ochoa (Cascade) by fall, 0:52. 220: Spencer Gerst (La Grande) over Rion Gage (Cascade) by fall, 0:14. 285: Gabe Shuckle (La Grande) by forfeit.

Semifinal   La Grande 66, Tillamook 12

106: Brysen Peneloza (La Grande) over Joshua Perdew (Tillamook) by fall, 0:36. 113: Joshua Collins (La Grande) over Austin Simmons (Tillamook) by fall, 2:00. 120: Dominick Caratello (La Grande) over Bradley Rieger (Tillamook) by decisión, 4-3. 126: Braden Carson (La Grande) over Quintin Metcalfe (Tillamook) by decisión, 5-3. 132: Cole Isaacson (La Grande) over Parker McKibbin (Tillamook) by fall, 3:57. 138: Alex Kehr (La Grande) over Keegan Hagerty (Tillamook) by fall, 1:28. 145: Braxton Bisenius (La Grande) over Gilbert Whitlatch (Tillamook) by fall, 2:37. 152: Chad Werner (Tillamook) over Wyatt Livingston (La Grande) by fall, 3:47. 160: Zeke Coon (Tillamook) over Brody MacMillan (La Grande) by fall, 1:03. 170: Parker Robinson (La Grande) over Alex Werner (Tillamook) by fall, 1:22. 182: Nathan Reed (La Grande) by forfeit. 195: Christopher Woodworth (La Grande) by forfeit. 220: Spencer Gerst (La Grande) by forfeit. 285: Gabe Shuckle (La Grande) by forfeit.

First place match   La Grande 45, Sweet Home 19

106: Jake Sieminski (Sweet Home) over Brysen Peneloza (La Grande) by decision, 6-4. 113: Joshua Collins (La Grande) over Kyle Watkins (Sweet Home) by decision, 6-2. 120: Rian Howard (Sweet Home) over Dominick Caratello (La Grande) by major decision, 10-0. 126: Braden Carson (La Grande) by forfeit. 132: Cole Isaacson (La Grande) over Christian Gregory (Sweet Home) by decision, 6-5. 138: Jackson Royer (Sweet Home) over Alex Kehr (La Grande) by fall, 1:07. 145: Braxton Bisenius (La Grande) over Gavin Walberg (Sweet Home) by decision, 6-2. 152: Travis Thorpe (Sweet Home) over Wyatt Livingston (La Grande) by fall, 0:26. 160: Brody MacMillan (La Grande) over Jesse Jamison (Sweet Home) by decision, 6-5. 170: Parker Robinson (La Grande) by forfeit. 182: Nathan Reed (La Grande) over Nich James (Sweet Home) by decision, 7-1. 195: Christopher Woodworth (La Grande) over Iakona Howerton (Sweet Home) by fall, 3:28. 220: Spencer Gerst (La Grande) over Jake Fanning (Sweet Home) by fall, 1:12. 285: Gabe Shuckle (La Grande) over Colby Gazeley (Sweet Home) by fall, 0:16.

Round 1   Ontario 48, Sisters 24

106: Evan Camacho (Ontario) by forfeit. 113: Froylan Santiago (Ontario) by forfeit. 120: Alijah Huerta (Ontario) by forfeit. 132: Kyle Wulf (Ontario) over Wyatt Maffey (Sisters) by fall, 0:59. 138: Ruben Hernandez (Ontario) over Anthony Randolph (Sisters) by fall, 1:54. 145: Jaden Schnepp (Ontario) over Chaz Patterson (Sisters) by fall, 1:50. 152: Dillon King (Sisters) over Leonardo Becerra (Ontario) by fall, 4:14. 160: Alec Cary (Ontario) over Jared Miller (Sisters) by fall, 1:00. 182: Alik Sigrah (Ontario) by forfeit. 195: Ethan Martin (Sisters) over Jeffrey Schnepp (Ontario) by fall, 0:27. 220: Henry Rard (Sisters) over Jose Moncada (Ontario) by fall, 3:05. 285: Damien King (Sisters) over Eliazar Ramirez (Ontario) by fall, 4:23.

Round 2   Ontario 54, Marshfield 24

106: Evan Camacho (Ontario) by forfeit. 113 – Froylan Santiago (Ontario) by forfeit. 120 – Alijah Huerta (Ontario) over Tristan Christenson (Marshfield) by fall, 3:39. 126: Kyle Wulf (Ontario) over Jonathan Calvert (Marshfield) by fall, 3:49. 138: Ruben Hernandez (Ontario) by forfeit. 145: Jaden Schnepp (Ontario) by forfeit. 152: Peyton Forbes (Marshfield) over Alec Cary (Ontario) by fall, 5:41. 160: Tandy Martin (Marshfield) over Leonardo Becerra (Ontario) by fall, 1:28. 182: Joshua Hinds (Marshfield) over Alik Sigrah (Ontario) by fall, 1:53. 195: Jeffrey Schnepp (Ontario) by forfeit. 220: Jose Moncada (Ontario) over Logan Griffin (Marshfield) by fall, 0:22. 285: Eliazar Ramirez (Ontario) by forfeit.

Round 3   Sweet Home 60, Ontario 21

106: Jake Sieminski (Sweet Home) over Evan Camacho (Ontario) by fall, 0:51. 113: Treyson Smith (Sweet Home) over Froylan Santiago (Ontario) by fall, 1:37. 120: Connor Ford (Sweet Home) over Alijah Huerta (Ontario) by fall, 0:30. 126: Rian Howard (Sweet Home) over Kyle Wulf (Ontario) by fall, 1:47. 138: Ruben Hernandez (Ontario) over Jackson Royer (Sweet Home) by fall, 5:07. 145: Jaden Schnepp (Ontario) over Tristan Spencer (Sweet Home) by decision, 8-3. 152: Brayden Newport (Sweet Home) over Alec Cary (Ontario) by fall, 3:26. 160” Travis Thorpe (Sweet Home) over Leonardo Becerra (Ontario) by fall, 0:43. 182: Alik Sigrah (Ontario) over Tucker Weld (Sweet Home) by fall, 3:13. 195: Iakona Howerton (Sweet Home) over Jeffrey Schnepp (Ontario) by fall, 0:54. 220: Jake Fanning (Sweet Home) over Jose Moncada (Ontario) by fall, 3:50. 285: Eliazar Ramirez (Ontario) over David McMullen (Sweet Home) by fall, 4:34.

Quarterfinal   Tillamook 60, Ontario 24

106: Joshua Perdew (Tillamook) over Evan Camacho (Ontario) by fall, 3:34. 113: Austin Simmons (Tillamook) over Froylan Santiago (Ontario) by fall, 0:30. 120: Bradley Rieger (Tillamook) over Alijah Huerta (Ontario) by fall, 1:54. 126: Quintin Metcalfe (Tillamook) over Kyle Wulf (Ontario) by fall, 5:46. 138: Ruben Hernandez (Ontario) over Keegan Hagerty (Tillamook) by fall, 1:59. 145: Jaden Schnepp (Ontario) over Micah Baldwin (Tillamook) by fall, 3:00. 152: Zeke Coon (Tillamook) over Leonardo Becerra (Ontario) by fall, 0:49. 160: Chad Werner (Tillamook) over Alec Cary (Ontario) by fall, 1:01. 182: Alex Werner (Tillamook) over Alik Sigrah (Ontario) by fall, 0:26. 195: Tieson O Hagen (Tillamook) over Jeffrey Schnepp (Ontario) by fall, 0:12. 220: Jose Moncada (Ontario) by forfeit. 285: Eliazar Ramirez (Ontario) over Jackson Contreras (Tillamook) by fall, 1:25.