La Grande Wrestlers Take District Title, State Contenders Named

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SISTERS – After a two-day run in Sisters, we now know two things. The La Grande boys wrestling team is tops among teams in the 4A Special District 4 and the Tigers, Baker/Powder Valley, McLoughlin/Weston-McEwen and Ontario squads are sending a large busload of grapplers to the state 4A tournament.

Beginning Friday, Feb. 11 and wrapping up action on Saturday, Feb. 12, La Grande outdistanced the rest of the field with a 447-point total. The Bulldogs of Baker/Powder Valley placed second with 303 points and Madras was third, putting up 208.5 points.

Ontario placed fourth with 146 points and McLoughlin/Weston-McEwen was sixth after 52 scored over the two days.

The district tournament also served as a qualifier for the upcoming state tournament with the top four finishers in each division heading to Salem on Feb. 25.

Team scores: 1. La Grande, 447.0. 2. Baker/Powder Valley, 303.0. 3. Madras, 208.5. 4. Ontario, 146.0. 5. Sisters, 124.0. 6. McLoughlin/Weston McEwen, 52.0. 7. Corbett,             39.0. 8. Gladstone, 34.5.

106-1st Place Match: Mason Wolcott (La Grande) defeated Joey Duncan (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 1:44. 3rd Place Match: Michael Young (Madras) defeated Bobby Gulzow (La Grande) by major decision, 14-2. 4th Place Match: Bobby Gulzow (La Grande) defeated Nick Sandberg (Ontario). 5th Place Match: Nick Sandberg (Ontario) received a bye.

113-1st Place Match: Aldo Duran (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Marcus Chamberlain (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 1:34. 3rd Place Match: Jake Lawrence (Madras) defeated Nathan Marcelino (Ontario) by decision, 1-0. 4th Place Match: Nathan Marcelino (Ontario) defeated Carter Van Meter (Sisters). 5th Place Match: Carter Van Meter (Sisters) defeated Dallin Perry (La Grande) by fall, 4:50.

120-1st Place Match: Kai Carson (La Grande) defeated Landon Perry (La Grande) by technical fall, 17-0. 3rd Place Match: Sage Darlington (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Jayvon Tovar (Madras) by fall, 3:19. 4th Place Match: Jayvon Tovar (Madras) defeated Ethan Calderon (Ontario). 5th Place Match: Ethan Calderon (Ontario) defeated Chase Strawbridge (Madras) by fall, 1:27.

126-1st Place Match: Tavian Kehr (La Grande) defeated Jaxson Leonard (La Grande) by fall, 3:54. 3rd Place Match: Cole Hester (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Samuel Nelson (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 5:06. 4th Place Match: Samuel Nelson (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Jayden Esquiro (Madras).

132-1st Place Match: Brysen Penaloza (La Grande) defeated Cooper Yensen (McLoughlin/Weston McEwen) by fall, 3:19. 3rd Place Match: Jamis Gonzalez (Ontario) defeated Riley Martin (Baker/Powder Valley) in overtime, 9-5. 4th Place Match: Riley Martin (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Carson Brown (Sisters). 5th Place Match: Carson Brown (Sisters) defeated Fabin Cruz (Madras) by fall, 5:41.

138-1st Place Match: Joshua Collins (La Grande) defeated Dominick Carratello (La Grande) by major decision, 12-3. 3rd Place Match: Malacai Alire (Madras) defeated Hayden Kunz (Sisters) by decision, 9-4. 4th Place Match: Hayden Kunz (Sisters) defeated Marcos Rodriguez (Ontario). 5th Place Match: Marcos Rodriguez (Ontario) defeated Logan Ayers (Corbett) by fall, 2:47.

145-1st Place Match: Braden Carson (La Grande) defeated Ben Cooper (Sisters) by fall, 5:14. 3rd Place Match: Gavin Stone (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Jonas Porter (Gladstone) by fall, 1:00. 4th Place Match: Jonas Porter (Gladstone) defeated Austin Higgins (La Grande). 5th Place Match: Austin Higgins (La Grande) defeated Dolan Pool (Sisters) by technical fall, 20-4.

152-1st Place Match: Ruben Hernandez (Ontario) defeated Wyatt Maffey (Sisters) by technical fall, 21-4. 3rd Place Match: Ridge Kehr (La Grande) defeated Collin Switzler (Madras) by fall, 1:53. 4th Place Match: Jared Isaacson (La Grande) defeated Collin Switzler (Madras) by fall, 4:24. 5th Place Match: Jared Isaacson (La Grande) defeated Maddox Leith-Ross (Corbett) by fall, 0:52.

160-1st Place Match: Cael White (Madras) defeated Eli Bisenius (La Grande) by fall, 1:13. 3rd Place Match: MyKail Foster (La Grande) defeated Ryan Brown (Baker/Powder Valley) due to forfeit. 4th Place Match: Ryan Brown (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Brady David (Madras). 5th Place Match: Brady David (Madras) defeated Scott Henderson (Sisters) by technical fall, 19-4.

170-1st Place Match: Wyatt Livingston (La Grande) defeated Cole Shafer (La Grande) in overtime, 5-3. 3rd Place Match: Isaiah Martinez (Madras) defeated Alex Arreola (Madras) by fall, 3:06. 4th Place Match: Alex Arreola (Madras) defeated Cody Eskew (Baker/Powder Valley). 5th Place Match: Cody Eskew (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Jayden Vogt (Sisters) by fall, 1:32.

182-1st Place Match: Reece White (Madras) defeated Jarett Armstrong (La Grande) by fall, 2:43. 3rd Place Match: Adrian Allen (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Demarcus Scott (Madras) by fall, 0:50. 4th Place Match: Demarcus Scott (Madras) defeated Ethan Morgan (Baker/Powder Valley). 5th Place Match: Ethan Morgan (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Preston Westenskow (La Grande) by fall, 1:16.

195-1st Place Match: Brody MacMillan (La Grande) defeated Gauge Bloomer (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 5:22. 3rd Place Match: Brodey Kitzmiller (Gladstone) defeated Alexander Sigrah (Ontario) by fall, 2:19. 4th Place Match: Alexander Sigrah (Ontario) defeated Nicholas Sigrah (Ontario). 5th Place Match: Nicholas Sigrah (Ontario) defeated Jacob Washington (Sisters) by decision, 13-7.

220-1st Place Match: Tanner Wells (McLoughlin/Weston McEwen) defeated Alex Ritter (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 2:26. 3rd Place Match: Henry Rard (Sisters) defeated Tommy Ishida (Ontario) by decision, 7-5. 4th Place Match: Tommy Ishida (Ontario) defeated Jayden Clark (Baker/Powder Valley). 5th Place Match: Jayden Clark (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Kenai Huff (La Grande) by fall, 0:54.

285-1st Place Match: Jaden Martin (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Ian Brown (Corbett) by fall, 0:31. 3rd Place Match: Jose Moncada (Ontario) defeated Russell Walden (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 0:32. 4th Place Match: Russell Walden (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Jorge Ortiz (Ontario). 5th Place Match: Jorge Ortiz (Ontario) defeated Cain End (La Grande) by fall, 2:30.

Special thanks to Kaylene Chamberlain for the photos.

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