La Grande opens golf season with team title

VALE – With many of the participants having never been on a golf course for competition, the teams of eastern Oregon met on the Country View Golf Course on Friday, April 16. As the 18 holes came to a close, both the boys and girls for the La Grande Tigers went home with the victory.

The Tiger boys combined for a stroke total of 380. Burns, with a 398, was second and the host Vale Vikings were third with a total of 417. With a score of 423, the Ontario Tigers were fourth while the Baker team failed to qualify for a team score.

Ontario’s Tyce Helmick grabbed individual honors firing an 81 on the spring course.

The La Grande girls were also victorious after putting together a score of 479. The Ontario girls, with a score of 518, placed second.

Although not posting a team score, individual honors for the day went to Baker’s Taylor Nudd and her card showing 100.

“I am really glad to get these kids back at it,” said Vale coach Tom Snook, host of the event. “I was very happy with the play out there. For Vale, this was the first competition ever for all but one kid and they did well.”

Boys scores

  1. La Grande 380 (Tristen Shepherd 90; Anton Evans 98; Lucas Young 110; John Remily 93; Jack Sunderman 95)
  2. Burns 398 (Adam White 96; Mason Wulff 105; William Keady 104; Ryan Swann 104; Ethan Peasley 94)
  3. Vale 417 (Aidan Madison 104; Charlie Barrette 102; Lane Clark 115; Coy Schaffeld 106; Dominic Bates 105)
  4. Ontario 423 (Tyce Helmick 81; Ruben Hernandez 95; Marcos Grijalva 120; Stryker Hartley 128; Nathan Sandberg 127)

Baker (Jesse Maldonado 94; Gaven Stecher 115; Brandon Grapf 133)

Girls scores

  1. La Grande 479 (Marissa Lane 100; Sydney Cox 115; Reagan Hanna 136; Anglea Conklin 128)
  2. Ontario 518 (Mary Galindo 131; Courtney Brown 138; Bea Hart 141; Hannah Hernandez 108)

Baker (Taylor Nudd 100; Gretchen Morgan 124)

Burns (Hadley Marshall 120; Victoria Purcella 122; Valerie Malloner 111)

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