La Grande Defends Home Mats At Muilenburg

LA GRANDE – The La Grande wrestling team both hosted, and then took the team win during the two days of the Muilenburg Tournament as action wrapped up Saturday, Dec. 11.

The Tigers were able to hold off Hermiston as La Grande finished the meet with 320 points compared to Hermiston’s 302-point total. Burns placed seventh, just two points ahead of eighth place Pendleton. The Pioneers of MacHi finished tenth followed by Elgin, Imbler and Union/Cove.

La Grande picked up individual titles by sophomore Mason Wolcott (106 pounds), senior Braden Carson (145 pounds), junior Cole Shafer (170 pounds), and senior Brody MacMillan (195 pounds).

Hermiston champions were freshman Carlos Cervantes (113 pounds), and senior Sam Cadenas (285 pounds).

Burns returned home with two individual titles as freshman Kale Cornell won at 120 pounds and senior Oliver Barnes took the medal at 126 pounds.

The Pendleton Buckaroos’ Jack Lieuallen took first place in the 152-pound class.

Team scores: 1. La Grande, 320.0. 2. Hermiston, 302.0. 3. Weiser, 232.5. 4. Estacada, 204.0. 5. Bishop Kelly, 174.5. 6. Scappoose, 165.0. 7. Burns, 141.0. 8. Pendleton HS, 139.0. 9. Reynolds, 75.0. 10. Mcloughlin, 54.0. 11. Elgin, 49.0. 12. Imbler, 27.5. 13. Union HS/Cove HS, 15.0.

106: 1st Place Match; Mason Wolcott (La Grande) defeated Dawson Tremper (Pendleton HS) by decision, 9-2. 3rd Place Match; Nehemiah Gaul (Estacada) defeated Ryan Glascock (Burns) by fall, 2:57. 5th Place Match; Bobby Gulzow (La Grande) defeated Andrew Sudderth (Weiser) by fall, 0:40. Cons. Champ Match; Owen George (La Grande) defeated Daxton Booth (Scappoose) by fall, 0:14.

113: 1st Place Match; Carlos Cervantes (Hermiston) defeated Rafael Dellgadillo (Weiser) by decision, 6-0.

120: 1st Place Match; Kale Cornell (Burns) defeated Aiden Favorite (Hermiston) by decision, 4-0. 3rd Place Match; Eddie Cervantes (Hermiston) defeated Luke Sarich (Weiser) by decision, 6-1.

126: 1st Place Match; Oliver Barnes (Burns) defeated Kai Carson (La Grande) by fall, 1:35. 3rd Place Match; Cohen Schleich (Estacada) defeated Zayne Helfer (Hermiston) by fall, 1:48. 5th Place Match; Owen Golter (Pendleton HS) defeated Jahir Cervantes (Weiser) by fall, 0:39. Consolation 1st; Kole Carver (Estacada) defeated Cash Paullus (Pendleton HS) by fall, 2:09.

132: 1st Place Match; Anthony Comer (Scappoose) defeated Brysen Penaloza (La Grande) by decision, 6-0. 3rd Place Match; Garrett Burns (Imbler) defeated Jaysen Rodriguez (Hermiston) by decision, 3-2. 5th Place Match; Jeshaiah Garza (Hermiston) defeated Ivan Alvarez (Weiser) by fall, 3:09.

138: 1st Place Match; Manuel Valdez (Bishop Kelly) defeated Daniel Garza (Hermiston) by fall, 5:06. 3rd Place Match; Joshua Collins (La Grande) defeated Maverick Heimbuck (Scappoose) by fall, 2:44. 5th Place Match; Carter Lardy (Burns) defeated Tucker Jackson (Estacada) by fall, 2:57. Consolation 1st; Trevor Kirkpatrick (Hermiston) defeated Stockton Young (Weiser) by fall, 1:39.

 145: 1st Place Match; Braden Carson (La Grande) defeated Carlos Valdez (Bishop Kelly) by decision, 9-2. Consolation 1st; Gabe Browning (Pendleton HS) defeated Donny Birdwell (Mcloughlin) by decision, 6-4.

152: 1st Place Match; Jack Lieuallen (Pendleton HS) defeated Kevin Peasley (Burns) by major decision, 9-0. 3rd Place Match; Eli Bisenius (La Grande) defeated Ty McLaughlin (Elgin) by decision, 4-1. 5th Place Match; Coby Hibbert (La Grande) defeated Reece McConnell (Elgin) due to injury.

160: 3rd Place Match; Ben Larson (Hermiston) defeated Collin Primus (Pendleton HS) by decision, 3-1. 5th Place Match; Gabe Hasbell (Elgin) defeated Maddox Stevens (Weiser) by fall, 2:16. Consolation 1st; Joe Hippler (Bishop Kelly) defeated Gen Wintersteen (Elgin) by decision, 13-10.

170: 1st Place Match; Cole Shafer (La Grande) defeated Easton Kemper (Burns) by decision, 6-2. 3rd Place Match; Abraham Dejesus (Reynolds) defeated Joseph Lathrop (Elgin) by decision, 5-3. 5th Place Match; Tama Tuia (Hermiston) defeated Javier Garcia (Hermiston) by fall, 4:51. Cons. Champ Match; Jared Isaacson (La Grande) defeated Dreyvan Luna (Bishop Kelly) by fall, 3:27.

182: 1st Place Match; Trey Dieringer (Scappoose) defeated Wyatt Livingston (La Grande) by major decision, 16-4. 3rd Place Match; Jaxson Gribskov (Hermiston) defeated Malachi Hoobery (Weiser) by decision, 10-4. Consolation 1st; Franklin Gardner (Scappoose) defeated Wesley Linde (La Grande) by fall, 1:58.

195: 1st Place Match; Brody MacMillan (La Grande) defeated Kaleb Grove (Weiser) by fall, 3:56. 3rd Place Match; Michael Ramirez (Hermiston) defeated Phil Janquart (Bishop Kelly) by decision, 6-3. 5th Place Match; Jarett Armstrong (La Grande) defeated Patrick Simpson (Pendleton HS) due to injury. Cons. Champ Match; David Creech (Union HS/Cove HS) defeated Calvin Clapperton (Weiser) by major decision, 12-2.

220: 3rd Place Match; Tanner Wells (Mcloughlin) defeated Waylon Riedel (Estacada) by fall, 1:18. Cons. Champ Match; Kenai Huff (La Grande) defeated over Ryan Jackson-Nelson (Union HS/Cove HS) by fall, 1:15.

285: 1st Place Match; Sam Cadenas (Hermiston) defeated Jesse Lockett (Weiser) by fall, 1:10. 5th Place Match; Siu Sepeni (Hermiston) defeated Francisco DeLaRosa (Mcloughlin) by fall, 0:47. Cons. Champ Match; Jacob Griffin (Pendleton HS) defeated Anthony Carreras (Reynolds) by fall, 1:42.