Is Your Community Sports Complacent?

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This previous week was pretty damn exciting. Cross country was running for state titles. Volleyball was on the courts looking for a state trophy. Football was playing through the first round.

EOS was inundated with photos/videos of communities sending their teams off to far away places in hopes of returning with a title. We loved them! Student athletes parading through the school’s hallways cheered on by their friends and families. Fire and police vehicles with sirens going escorting team busses out of town. Communities around eastern Oregon were excited and with good reason.

In Umatilla, businesses decorated. La Grande announced the time their state champion Tigers girls’ cross country team was expected home. Little Badgers in Powder Valley filled the hallways of the school to cheer on the football team. And there were many, many more (check our Facebook page).

But, in a few communities, there was nothing. No lockers decorated. No school assembly held. No signs around town wishing the local team luck on their journey for a state title. Nothing for teams that worked so hard and won all year.

We have teams we cover that have not made a run for a state title in years. Others appear in the playoffs like clockwork. In both cases, the support of the community should be equal-a team making the playoffs should be the talk of the town.

If your team has made the playoffs for the last seven years, it does not matter. This year’s team is made up of different players, different faces, different personalities. You may reminisce about your state title in 1989, but their time is now. One state title to a community or many trophies, this year is what matters to this team.

The Boston Celtics won for years. The 49ers won for years. The Yankees won for years. If your community becomes complacent and fails to celebrate the here and now team, you may find your town like Chicago waiting 108 years for the Cubs to win again.

For the majority of teams/communities we cover, stellar performance last week in support of your teams. For a choice few, you can do better.

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