Is Expensive To Quit And Go Home

John L. Braese

Two coaches recently discovered the OSAA is not pleased when you take your team and go home.

In an Executive Board meeting on Dec. 12, the Eddyville Charter football coach and the McLoughlin boys’ soccer coach were each fined $1,500 for putting their teams back on the bus in the middle of a game. In addition to the fines, both coaches had to make a trip to Wilsonville to make a personal appearance before the board.

The circumstances surrounding the leavings are not known. Perhaps the coaches felt the officials were unfair or the opposing team was running up a score.

To be honest, why is not important. Coaches have a great responsibility to guide student athletes for not just today, but for what is to come in life. Teaching these kids to pick up their toys and go home when life is not fair is worth $1,500 in lesson learned.