Host La Pine Wins District Title

LA PINE – Hosting the 3A Special District 1 wrestling culminating tournament, La Pine won the team title on Thursday, June 17.

The top three individuals in each weight division move on to the state culminating tournament.

La Pine put up 264 points. Second-place Harrisburg scored 176 points and the Hilanders of Burns was third with 145 points. Creswell, Riverside and Vale rounded out the remaining teams.

Team scores: 1. La Pine, 264. 2. Harrisburg, 176. 3. Burns, 145. 4. Creswell, 87. 5. Riverside, 78. 6. Vale, 66.

106: 1st Place – Tyson Flack of La Pine. 2nd Place – Kempton Richardson of Burns. 3rd Place – Hayleigh Michael of La Pine.

1st Place Match; Tyson Flack (La Pine) over Kempton Richardson (Burns) by fall, 0:58. 3rd Place Match; Hayleigh Michael (La Pine) received a bye.

113: 1st Place – Russell Talmadge of Harrisburg. 2nd Place – Allen Jordan of La Pine.

1st Place Match; Russell Talmadge (Harrisburg) over Allen Jordan (La Pine) by fall, 1:21.

120: 1st Place – Ethan Peasley of Burns. 2nd Place – Mateo Rockwell of Riverside. 3rd Place – Omar Ayala of Creswell.

1st Place Match; Ethan Peasley (Burns) over Mateo Rockwell (Riverside) by technical fall, 15-0. 3rd Place Match; Omar Ayala (Creswell) received a bye.

126: 1st Place – Jurny Halvorson of Creswell. 2nd Place – Mason Barrett of Creswell. 3rd Place – Julietta Gomez-Leal of La Pine.

1st Place Match; Jurny Halvorson (Creswell) over Mason Barrett (Creswell) by fall, 3:22. 3rd Place Match; Julietta Gomez-Leal (La Pine) received a bye.

132: 1st Place – Dylan Mann of La Pine. 2nd Place – Nathan Kimball of Vale. 3rd Place – Kaleb Sanders of Creswell. 4th Place – Curtis Talmadge of Harrisburg. 5th Place – Pablo Claustro of Riverside. 6th Place – Mason Webb of La Pine.

1st Place Match; Dylan Mann (La Pine) over Nathan Kimball (Vale) by fall, 3:18. 3rd Place Match; Kaleb Sanders (Creswell) over Curtis Talmadge (Harrisburg) by decision, 7-2. 5th Place Match; Pablo Claustro (Riverside) over Mason Webb (La Pine) by forfeit.

138: 1st Place – Colt Cummings of Vale. 2nd Place – Carter Lardy of Burns. 3rd Place – Logan Cox of Vale. 4th Place – Everett Lerma of La Pine.

1st Place Match; Colt Cummings (Vale) over Carter Lardy (Burns) by fall, 3:48. 3rd Place Match; Logan Cox (Vale) over Everett Lerma (La Pine) by fall, 2:45.

145: 1st Place – Kevin Peasley of Burns. 2nd Place – Nephi Heakin of Harrisburg. 3rd Place – Devin Martin of Harrisburg. 4th Place – Ruben Torres of Riverside. 5th Place – Jeffrey Jones of Creswell. 6th Place – William Harris of Riverside.

1st Place Match; Kevin Peasley (Burns) over Nephi Heakin (Harrisburg) by decision, 6-5. 3rd Place Match; Devin Martin (Harrisburg) over Ruben Torres (Riverside) by fall, 1:23. 5th Place Match; Jeffrey Jones (Creswell) over William Harris (Riverside) by forfeit.

152: 1st Place – Hunter Kemper of Burns. 2nd Place – Jose Orozco of La Pine. 3rd Place – Kaden Lorimor of La Pine. 4th Place – Corbett Graham of Burns. 5th Place – Landen Hecht of Harrisburg. 6th Place – Brock Stubbs of Creswell.

1st Place Match; Hunter Kemper (Burns) over Jose Orozco (La Pine) by major decision, 8-0. 3rd Place Match; Kaden Lorimor (La Pine) over Corbett Graham (Burns) by fall, 4:56. 5th Place Match; Landen Hecht (Harrisburg) over Brock Stubbs (Creswell) by fall, 1:00.

160: 1st Place – Levi Epling of Burns. 2nd Place – Garrett Forbes of La Pine. 3rd Place – Ronnie Norton of Vale. 4th Place – Cache Montgomery of La Pine. 5th Place – Parker Hughes of Harrisburg. 6th Place – Abe Noll of Harrisburg.

1st Place Match; Levi Epling (Burns) over Garrett Forbes (La Pine) by technical fall, 16-0. 3rd Place Match; Ronnie Norton (Vale) over Cache Montgomery (La Pine) by decision, 10-3. 5th Place Match; Parker Hughes (Harrisburg) over Abe Noll (Harrisburg) by fall, 2:45.

170: 1st Place – Dominick Evans of La Pine. 2nd Place – Bryson Cannaday of Harrisburg. 3rd Place – Lucino Gomez-Leal of La Pine. 4th Place – ff ff of Riverside.

1st Place Match; Dominick Evans (La Pine) over Bryson Cannaday (Harrisburg) by fall, 2:57. 3rd Place Match; Lucino Gomez-Leal (La Pine) over ff ff (Riverside) by forfeit.

182: 1st Place – Dylan Hankey of La Pine. 2nd Place – Bryce Chilgren of Harrisburg. 3rd Place – Sean Forbes of La Pine. 4th Place – Tony Jimenez of Riverside. 5th Place – Eduardo Afanador of Riverside.

1st Place Match; Dylan Hankey (La Pine) over Bryce Chilgren (Harrisburg) by fall, 0:23. 3rd Place Match; Sean Forbes (La Pine) over Tony Jimenez (Riverside) by fall, 0:59. 5th Place Match; Eduardo Afanador (Riverside) received a bye.

195: 1st Place – Chandler Stauss of Harrisburg. 2nd Place – Landen Roggenkamp of La Pine. 3rd Place – Jacob Brown of Harrisburg.

1st Place Match; Chandler Stauss (Harrisburg) over Landen Roggenkamp (La Pine) by fall, 0:34. 3rd Place Match; Jacob Brown (Harrisburg) received a bye.

220: 1st Place – Gerardo Medel of Riverside. 2nd Place – Cooper Clark of Harrisburg. 3rd Place – Alex Lopez of Creswell.

1st Place Match; Gerardo Medel (Riverside) over Cooper Clark (Harrisburg) by fall, 0:21. 3rd Place Match; Alex Lopez (Creswell) received a bye.

285: 1st Place – Kadin Yeager of La Pine.

1st Place Match; Kadin Yeager (La Pine) received a bye.