Grant Union Girls Hold Off Culver For JO-HI Title (Full Results)

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John L. Braese

JOSEPH – The Grant Union girls’ wrestling team ended the JO-HI tournament five points better than Culver, winning the team title as action wrapped up Saturday, Jan. 7. Riverside, Heppner and Elgin closed out the top five in the team scoring.

The individual titles were spread among a number of different teams. These included Adrian (Virginia Tolman), Elgin (Olivia Farris), Riverside (Katelyn Wiseman), Culver (Gabby Torres, Hensley Wachter), Heppner (Kylie Holden), Crane (Gracie Baker) and Grant Union (Mallory Lusco).

Team scores: 1. Grant Union, 95.0. 2. Culver, 90.0. 3. Riverside, 67.0. 4. Heppner, 59.0. 5. Elgin, 45.5. 6. Union, 32.0. 7. Crane, 25.0. 8. Echo, 20.0. 9. Imbler, 20.0. 10. Irrigon, 20.0. 11. Umatilla, 14.0. 12. Adrian, 3.0. 13. Alsea, 0.0. 14. Clearwater Valley, 0.0. 15. Enterprise, 0.0. 16. Four Rivers, 0.0. 17. Joseph, 0.0. 18. Pine Eagle, 0.0. 19. Pomeroy, 0.0, 20. Santiam Christian,             0.0.

92-100: Round 1; Virginia Tolman (Adrian) over Mayte Pacheco (Riverside) in overtime, 11-9. Round 2; Mayte Pacheco (Riverside) over Virginia Tolman by fall, 1:21. Round 3; Virginia Tolman (Adrian) over Mayte Pacheco (Riverside) by major decision, 14-4.

106-115: 1st Place Match; Olivia Farris (Elgin) over Preslie Bowles (Riverside) by fall, 4:42. 3rd Place Match; Loren Trujillo (Heppner) over Abi Toombs (Echo) by fall, 1:35. 5th Place Match; Anaiah Demoran (Culver) over Dairys Pena (Riverside) by fall, 1:41. 7th Place Match; Laramie Kiser (Grant Union) over Larkin Sanders (Union) by fall, 0:34.

114-125: 1st Place Match; Katelyn Wiseman (Riverside) over Zoey Beam (Grant Union) by fall, 1:43. 3rd Place Match; Journey Cavan-Harris (Heppner) over Rayne Martinez (Clearwater Valley) by forfeit. 5th Place Match; Adalia Chavez (Riverside) over Macy Carter (Grant Union) by fall, 0:24. 7th Place Match; Carissa Andrade (Riverside) over Taryn McClure (Culver) by fall, 1:02.

127-131: 1st Place Match; Gabby Torres (Culver) over Jacie Lathrop (Elgin) by fall, 3:41. 3rd Place Match; Kaira Schjoll (Culver) over Abigail Murrill (Union) by fall, 1:41. 5th Place Match; Tempest Kalin (Grant Union) over Verity Hall (Crane) by decision, 7-4. 7th Place Match; Majors Morgan (Grant Union) received a bye.

132-144: 1st Place Match; Hensley Wachter (Culver) over Brittanie Ely (Irrigon) by fall, 0:21. 3rd Place Match; Macy Morrow (Clearwater Valley) over Rylee Sanchez (Umatilla) by fall, 3:42. 5th Place Match; Shelby Bunting (Culver) over Sunny Valle (Echo) by fall, 1:57. 7th Place Match; Lily Durych (Grant Union) received a bye.

143-157: 1st Place Match; Kylie Holden (Heppner) over Lucy Camacho (Imbler) by fall, 2:43. 3rd Place Match; Jenna Denton (Union) over Serenity Marcano (Grant Union) by fall, 1:16. 5th Place Match; Tyra Sharp (Grant Union) over Quinlan Taylor (Grant Union) by fall, 3:32. 7th Place Match; Jorja Nelson (Culver) over Gracie Mendoza (Culver) by fall, 1:29.

163-188: Round 1; Gracie Baker (Crane) over Jaydika Anderson (Grant Union) by fall, 1:25. Sivanna Hodge (Grant Union) received a bye. Round 2; Jaydika Anderson (Grant Union) received a bye. Gracie Baker (Crane) over Sivanna Hodge (Grant Union) by fall, 1:41. Round 3; Sivanna Hodge (Grant Union) over Jaydika Anderson (Grant Union) by fall, 2:22. Gracie Baker (Crane) received a bye.

198-222: Round 1; Mallory Lusco (Grant Union) over Stephanie Romero (Irrigon) by fall, 5:03. Round 2; Mallory Lusco (Grant Union) over Stephanie Romero (Irrigon) by fall, 3:31.

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