GOL Names Football All-League Honors

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The 4A Greater Oregon League has released the names of honorees for all-league team. On the offensive side of the ball, La Grande’s Brody MacMillan was named Player of the Year while on defense, La Grande’s Cole Jorgensen received the nod for Player of the Year.

Greater Oregon League First Team

Quarterback-Ruben Hernandez (Ontario)

Center-Nick Bornstead (La Grande)

Offensive Lineman-Alex Ritter (Baker), Manny Ramirez (Ontario), Cole Jorgensen (La Grande), Jarret Armstrong (La Grande)

Running Backs-Gauge Bloomer (Baker), Brody Macmillan (La Grande)

Wide Receivers-Jace Scow (La Grande), Diego Rodriguez (Ontario)

Tight End-Noah Mcllmoil (La Grande)

Kicker-John Remily (La Grande)

Return Specialist-Malaki Myer (Baker)

Defensive Lineman-Cole Jorgensen (La Grande), Alex Ritter (Baker), Manny Ramirez (Ontario), Jarrett Armstrong (La Grande)

Defensive Backs-Ruben Hernandez (Ontario), Coby Hibbert (La Grande), Kaden Nelson (La Grande), Jaxon Logsdon (Baker)

Defensive Linebacker-Gauge Bloomer (Baker), Brody Macmillan (La Grande), Braden Carson (La Grande), Austin Sheperd (Ontario)

Punter-John Remily (La Grande)

Greater Oregon League Second Team

Quarterback-Logan Williams (La Grande)

Center-David Shaw (Baker)

Offensive Line-Ryan Vanderzandan (La Grande), Myer Whitmore (La Grande), Abraham Martin (Ontario), Jaden Martin (Baker)

Running Back-Ethan Henderickson (Ontario), Braden Carson (La Grande)

Wide Receiver-Malaki Myer (Baker), Hudson Spike (Baker)

Tight End-Austin Shepherd (Ontario)

Kicker-Hudson Spike (Baker)

Return Specialist-Jace Schow (lLa Grande)

Defensive Lineman-Noah Mcllmoil (La Grande), Nick Bornstead (La Grande), Abraham Becerril (Ontario), Myer Whitmore (La Grande)

Defensive Back-Jace Schow (La Grande), Matt Bell (Ontario), Ethan Hendrickson (Ontario), Malaki Myer (Baker)

Linebacker-Logan Williams (La Grande), Tate Powell (Baker), JJ Marines (Ontario), Bryce Penaloza (La Grande)

Punter-John Remelly (La Grande)

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