EOL All-League Boys Basketball Named

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John L. Braese

The coaches representing the boys’ basketball teams of the Eastern Oregon League convened Monday, Feb. 12 in Baker and made some decisions on who excelled this past season.

After the voting was completed, Umatilla junior Michael Montez was named Player of the Year for the league.

First year Vale coach Todd Gregory picked up the nod from his peers as Coach of the Year.

The regular season champion Vale Vikings had five players named to the list including Diesel Johnson, Colten Stepleton, Brooks Haueter, Luke McGourty and Ethan Mulvaney.

In addition to Montez, Umatilla saw three additional names including David Garcia, Mike McGee and RJ Estrada.

Riverside named a total of four players (Cooper Cemore, Ryley Lantis, Wyatt Browne and Jesus Pena).

Burns made the listing with four players also (Zane Perry-Kozeni, Jack Wright, Coltin Miller and Jaxson Hoyt).

The Pioneers of McLoughlin were represented by four players (Rajdeep Singh, Alejando Sandoval Gutierrez, Giovanny Sandoval-Robles and Alimker Garcia-Meza).

Player of the Year – Michael Montez (Umatilla)

Coach of the Year – Todd Gregory (Vale)

First Team

Diesel Johnson (Vale)

Cooper Cemore (Riverside)

Colten Stepleton (Vale)

Rajdeep Singh (McLoughlin)

Zane Perry-Kozeni (Burns)

Alejandro Sandoval Gutierrez (McLoughlin)

Second Team

Jack Wright (Burns)

David Garcia (Umatilla)

Ryley Lantis (Riverside)

Wyatt Browne (Riverside)

Brooks Haueter (Vale)

Mike McGee (Umatilla)

Tony Gomeza (Nyssa)

Luke McGourty (Vale)

Honorable Mention

Ethan Mulvaney (Vale)

RJ Estrada (Umatilla)

Jesus Pena (Riverside)

Almikar Garcia-Meza (McLoughlin)

Giovanny Sandoval-Robles (McLoughlin)

Coltin Miller (Burns)

Jaxson Hoyt (Burns)

Fransisco Miranda (Nyssa)

Carlos Ramirez (Nyssa)