Elgin Takes Team Title At 1A State Championships (Full Eastern Oregon Results)

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John L. Braese

ALSEA – For a number of years, 1A schools from around the state have gathered to hold a small school wrestling championship. As the OSAA combines 1A and 2A for the formal state tournament, this is a chance to small schools/small teams to gather and hit the mats.

With the tournament rotating venues for each year, the 1A State Championships were held on Saturday, Jan. 21 in Alsea.

As the tournament came to a close, the Elgin Huskies returned home with the team title after putting up 131.5 points. Joseph, with 84.5 points, was fourth and Crane took a top five showing at fifth with 83.5 points.

Union finished seventh followed by Pine Eagle in eighth and Imbler in ninth. Adrian was just outside the top 10 in 11th and in their first year of wrestling, Four Rivers placed 13th. The combined team of Enterprise/Wallowa finished in the 14th position.

Team scores: 1. Elgin, 131.5. 2. Glendale, 112.0. 3. Camas Valley, 103.5. 4. Joseph, 84.5. 5. Crane, 83.5. 6. Siletz Valley, 73.0. 7. Union, 57.0. 8. Pine Eagle, 47.5. 9. Imbler, 29.0. 10. North Lake, 25.0. 11. Adrian, 22.0. 12. North Douglas, 20.5. 13. Four Rivers, 17.0. 14. Enterprise/Wallowa, 15.0. 15. Gilchrist, 14.0. 16. Alsea, 8.0. 17. Butte Falls, 0.

Boys 106: 1st Place Match; Hunter Buck (Pine Eagle) over Jayse Evans (Glendale) by technical call, 15-0. 3rd Place Match; Phoenix Taylor (Elgin) over Dean Smith (Siletz Valley) by fall, 5:35.

Boys 113: 2nd Place – Tanner Joyce (Crane).  Round 1; Noah Duncan (Camas Valley) over Tanner Joyce (Crane) by decision, 12-5. Round 2; Tanner Joyce (Crane) over Destiny Weaver (Glendale) by fall, 5:28.

Boys 120: 1st Place Match; Juan Ramirez (Glendale) over Jayden McNall (Joseph) by fall, 2:33.

Boys 126: 3rd Place Match; Connor DelCurto (Pine Eagle) over Austin Schultz (Joseph) by fall, 0:45.

Boys 132: 1st Place Match; Brady Otley (Crane) over Nate Evans (Union) by fall, 2:54. 3rd Place Match; Shane Wenke (Enterprise/Wallowa) over Dylan Rogers (Joseph) by fall, 1:56.

Boys 138: 1st Place Match; Aaron Martin (Glendale) over Jack Roath (Crane) by decision, 10-5. 3rd Place Match; Gage Martens (Union) over Edward Lopez (Alsea) by fall, 2:51.

Boys 145: 1st Place Match; Sam Platz (Union) over Zander Flores-Walker (Joseph) by fall, 2:54.

Boys 152: 1st Place Match; Ty McLaughlin (Elgin) over Tyee Yanez (Siletz Valley) by decision, 4-3. 3rd Place Match; Owen Koegler (Camas Valley) over Kadyn Trick (Imbler) by major decision, 16-2.

Boys 160: 1st Place Match; Gabe Hasbell (Elgin) over Seth Lamell (Camas Valley) by fall, 1:02. 3rd Place Match; Eli Maley (Crane) over Jacob Parsons (North Douglas) by fall, 3:35.

Boys 170: 1st Place Match; Jake Doman (Crane) over Bruce Morehead (Elgin) by decision, 6-0. 3rd Place Match; Louie Orana (Siletz Valley) over Gavin Russell (Joseph) by fall, 1:28.

Boys 182: 1st Place Match; Joseph Lathrop (Elgin) over Chase Andrade (Adrian) by technical call, 17-1. 3rd Place Match; Kaden Thompson (Camas Valley) over Max Thomas (Pine Eagle) by fall, 1:29.

Boys 195: 1st Place Match; Kale Ferguson (Joseph) over Jessup Orr (Joseph) by fall, 0:57. 3rd Place Match; Sean Peden (Elgin) over Kye Bilyeu (North Douglas) by fall, 0:46.

Boys 220: 3rd Place Match; Brandon Medlock (Elgin) over Jaden Cardenas (Four Rivers) by fall, 0:36.

Boys 285: 1st Place Match; Kamalu Swift (Camas Valley) over Gabe Harder (Imbler) by fall, 1:44. 3rd Place Match; Vincent Aviles (Siletz Valley) over A.b. Paredes (Four Rivers) by fall, 1:24.

Girls Bracket 1: 1st Place – Olivia Farris (Elgin). 2nd Place – Lacatia Mason (Four Rivers). 3rd Place – Virginia Tolman (Adrian). Round 1; Olivia Farris (Elgin) over Lacatia Mason (Four Rivers) by decision, 12-10. Round 2; Virginia Tolman (Adrian) over Abby Dougherty (North Douglas) by major decision, 10-0. Lacatia Mason (Four Rivers) received a bye. Round 3; Virginia Tolman (Adrian) received a bye. Olivia Farris (Elgin) over Abby Dougherty (North Douglas) by fall, 2:57. Round 4; Olivia Farris (Elgin) over Virginia Tolman (Adrian) by decision, 12-7. Lacatia Mason (Four Rivers) over Abby Dougherty (North Douglas) by fall, 2:21. Round 5; Lacatia Mason (Four Rivers) over Virginia Tolman (Adrian) by fall, 5:34. Olivia Farris (Elgin) received a bye.

Girls Bracket 3:  1st Place – Jacie Lathrop (Elgin). 2nd Place – Verity Hall (Crane). Round 1; Verity Hall (Crane) over Saphira Bipat (Gilchrist) by technical fall, 18-0. Round 2; Jacie Lathrop (Elgin) over Verity Hall (Crane) by fall, 2:12. Round 3; Jacie Lathrop (Elgin) over Saphira Bipat (Gilchrist) by fall, 0:33.

Girls Bracket 4: 1st Place – Georgie Edmunson (Four Rivers). 3rd Place – April Lopez (Crane). Round 1; Georgie Edmunson (Four Rivers) over April Lopez (Crane) by fall, 2:55. Round 2; Georgie Edmunson (Four Rivers) over Tayva Forman (North Lake) by fall, 3:02. Round 3; April Lopez (Crane) over Angel Ceglia (Butte Falls) by fall, 0:47. Round 4; Mariam Vanderpool (North Douglas) over April Lopez (Crane) by fall, 0:47. Georgie Edmunson (Four Rivers) over Angel Ceglia (Butte Falls) by fall, 0:54. Round 5; Georgie Edmunson (Four Rivers) over Mariam Vanderpool (North Douglas) by fall, 0:28. April Lopez (Crane) over Tayva Forman (North Lake) due to injury.

Girls Bracket 6: Round 1; Gracie Baker (Crane) over Kianna Newberry (Four Rivers) by fall, 1:05. Round 2; Gracie Baker (Crane) over Kianna Newberry (Four Rivers) by forfeit.

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