Easternoregonsports.com is not big on breaking news, but this BREAKING NEWS is too big not to announce. 100 free tickets to Vale football playoff game.

Bentz Insurance, who we proudly count as a sponsor and a friend, announced today they are paying for the first 100 high school and middle school students through the gate at Saturday’s Vale football game versus Sutherlin in round one of state playoff action at 1pm on Saturday, November 6th. No kidding, 100 free tickets to watch the Vikings!

This gracious act is the epitome of rural, small-town athletics. A team works hard all season to be recognized and supported by community members like Bentz Insurance. No student in Vale has a reason to not be decked out in black and white and be at the game thanks to this generous donation.

Bentz Insurance offered this incredible act because they believe in Vale, the community, the school and the athletic program. Every single fan of Vale High School athletics should take a few minutes out of their day and thank the entire staff of Bentz Insurance. Stop by the office, send them an email or drop them a phone call. Bentz Insurance was one of the original sponsors of easternoregonsports.com. This recent act of 100 tickets is just a continuation of the support they show towards your student athletes in Vale.