Eastern Oregon Sports Trivia

The days in eastern Oregon are starting to warm and in a typical year, athletes would be thinking of district and state meets.

This year, we all mourn the loss of sports around the region.

While we wait for student athletes to again compete, we will take a look back at some of the coaches who made or still make an impact on high school sports. To just provide you names would be boring! We are all house bound and looking for things to take up our time.

We will provide you the clues and next week, give you the answers. In the interim, keep your cleats clean.

  1. This high school softball coach compiled a 275-170 record, but never did grab a state championship. After coaching high school for 19 years, this coach jumped to the collegiate ranks in 2019. Name this coach.

2. This high school wrestling coach spent his entire career at one school, winning over 350 times in his career. With one state championship during his tenure, he was placed in the Hall of Fame in 2013. His untimely death was attended by hundreds and a subsequent tournament was named for him and his legacy. Name this coach.

3. This volleyball coach racked up an astounding record of 691-152 and included seven state championships for this 1A school. Name this coach.