Dawgs, Tigers Do The Dirty Dash (Full race results for Nyssa and Ontario)

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John L. Braese

MIDDLETON, ID – Cross country teams from Nyssa and Ontario were the Oregon representatives in Middleton, Idaho for the Middleton Dirty Dash on Wednesday, Aug. 30.

For the boys, the Bulldogs ended in the team scoring in fourth followed by Ontario in fifth.

Ontario junior Jack Hally had the top individual finish, crossing the line in ninth and posting a time of 19 minutes, 22,17 seconds. Hally was followed by sophomore Logan Bunn in 13th.

Nyssa’s top place belonged to senior Spencer Romans. His time of 20:43.81 was good enough for 14th among the runners.

Neither the Bulldog or Tiger girls picked up a team score for the race. Nyssa junior Jennifer Pascacio Perfecto picked up a top ten finish, placing eighth with a time of 25:49.66. The top finish for Ontario went to junior Maya Gomez in 20th.

Boys Team Scores: 1. Middleton, 34. 2. North Star Charter, 45. 3. Melba, 76. 4. Nyssa, 97. 5. Ontario, 115. 6. Greenleaf Friends, 150.

Boys Individual Results: 9. Jack Hally (Ontario), 19:22.17. 13. Logan Bunn (Ontario), 20:38.80. 14. Spencer Romans (Nyssa), 20:43.81. 17. Jose Deleon (Nyssa), 21:22.81. 25. Garrison Page (Nyssa), 21:51.35. 26. Davis Goldthorpe (Nyssa), 21:57.87. 27. Caleb Woodruff (Nyssa), 22:09.37. 32. Micah Maxwell (Ontario), 22:36.53. 34. Dawson Richardson (Nyssa), 23:06.95. 39. Mason Ballantyne (Nyssa), 23:37.33. 44. Marek Fuhrmann (Ontario), 23:56.96. 45. Jeshua Seebart (Ontario), 24:09.44. 46. Colson Johnston (Ontario), 24:13.18. 47. Samuel Espinoza (Ontario), 24:22.50. 49. Nick Sandberg (Ontario), 24:47.25. 52. Ben Mardock (Nyssa), 25:23.83. 58. Ashton Wilson (Nyssa), 27:43.35. 59. Gerrit Winkel (Nyssa), 28:07.71. 61. Glen Heartly (Nyssa), 28:09.84. 62. Josh Wolfe (Ontario), 29:11.25. 67. Max Hansen (Nyssa), 35:02.36.

Girls Team Scores:  1. Middleton, 15. 2. Melba, 46.

Girls Individual Results: 8. Jennifer Pascacio Perfecto (Nyssa), 25:49.66. 10. Jazlyne Martinez (Nyssa), 27:03.93. 11. Abigail Mardock (Nyssa), 27:09.14. 20. Maya Gomez (Ontario), 28:40.78. 34. Monica Rodriguez (Ontario), 32:40.07. 37. Leyla Castillo (Nyssa), 35:56.32. 38. Ofelia Robles (Ontario), 36:14.68. 40. Abril Gomez (Ontario), 43:25.00.

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