Culver Wrestlers Dominate District Meet

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John L. Braese

ADRIAN – The 2A Culver Bulldog wrestling squad walked away from the rest of the field, winning the 2A/1A Special District 4 Tournament on Saturday, Feb. 19 in the Gene Mills Memorial Gym in Adrian.

Culver put up 359 points compared to second-place Elgin’s 138 points. Pine Eagle picked up third place with 124 points with the combined team of Heppner and Ione placed fourth. The combined team of Grant Union and Prairie City wrapped up the top five in the team scoring.

In addition to wrestling for a team title, the top two wrestlers in each weight division automatically qualified for the upcoming state tournament. 

Culver may need to plan on the big bus as 11 wrestlers are state bound.

Photo Gallery 1A2A District Wrestling

Team scores: 1. Culver, 359.0. 2. Elgin, 138.0. 3. Pine Eagle, 124.0. 4. Heppner/Ione, 116.5. 5. Grant Union/ Prairie City, 112.5. 6. Crane, 94.0. 7. Enterprise, 73.0. 7. Union/Cove, 73.0. 9. Echo/Stanfield, 54.0. 10. Imbler, 51.5. 11. Adrian, 49.0. 12. Joseph, 32.0. 13. Wallowa, 0.0.

106 – 1st Place Match: Hunter Buck (Pine Eagle) defeated Cole Rahi (Culver) by decision. 2nd Place Match: Cole Rahi (Culver) defeated John Fosmark (Culver) by fall, 0:51. 3rd Place Match: John Fosmark (Culver) defeated Phoenix Taylor (Elgin) by fall, 1:42. 5th Place Match: Virginia Tolman (Adrian) defeated Milah Fincher (Union/Cove) by fall, 4:44.

113 – 1st Place Match: Debren Sanabria (Culver) defeated Aiden Guest (Culver) by fall, 3:05. 2nd Place Match: Aiden Guest (Culver) defeated Jett Peterson (Joseph). 3rd Place Match: Jett Peterson (Joseph) defeated Gabby De Lapena (Enterprise) by fall, 3:26.

120 – 1st Place Match: Noel Navarro (Culver) defeated Santos Navarro (Culver) by fall, 2:39. 2nd Place Match: Santos Navarro (Culver) defeated Isiic Wade (Echo/Stanfield). 3rd Place Match: Isiic Wade (Echo/Stanfield) defeated Roen Waite (Heppner/Ione) by fall, 0:36. 5th Place Match: Alex Hunter (Imbler) defeated Jayden McNall (Joseph) by fall, 3:36.

126 – 1st Place Match: Garrett Burns (Imbler) defeated John Otley (Crane) by fall, 0:54. 2nd Place Wrestleback: John Otley (Crane) defeated Carlos Fernandez (Culver). 3rd Place Match: Carlos Fernandez (Culver) defeated Zac Brown (Heppner/Ione) by decision, 7-5. 5th Place Match: James Denson (Pine Eagle) defeated Jacob Jones (Union/Cove) by major decision, 10-2.

132 – 1st Place Match: Coy Butner (Pine Eagle) defeated Derek Torres (Culver) by fall, 1:50. 2nd Place Match: Derek Torres (Culver) defeated Keegin Chitty (Echo/Stanfield). 3rd Place Match: Keegin Chitty (Echo/Stanfield) defeated Gage Martens (Union/Cove) by fall, 2:35. 5th Place Match: Brady Otley (Crane) defeated Jaden Scott (Culver) by fall, 1:43.

138 – 1st Place Match: Chase Butner (Pine Eagle) defeated Reeden Arsenault (Culver) by fall, 1:20. 2nd Place Wrestleback: Reeden Arsenault (Culver) defeated Will Seggerman (Pine Eagle). 3rd Place Match: Will Seggerman (Pine Eagle) defeated Saul Lopez (Heppner/Ione) by fall, 1:55. 5th Place Match: Tanler Fuller (Grant Union/ Prairie City) defeated Jack Roath (Crane) by fall, 1:52.

145 – 1st Place Match: Kelin Abbas (Culver) defeated Reece McConnell (Elgin) by major decision, 14-2. 2nd Place Match: Reece McConnell (Elgin) defeated Tegan Evans (Enterprise). 3rd Place Match: Tegan Evans (Enterprise) defeated Jack Strong (Grant Union/ Prairie City) by decision, 2-1.

152 – 1st Place Match: Justin Hodge (Grant Union/ Prairie City) defeated Ty McLaughlin (Elgin) by fall, 4:23. 2nd Place Wrestleback: Ty McLaughlin (Elgin) defeated Isaiah Lemmon (Echo/Stanfield). 3rd Place Match: Isaiah Lemmon (Echo/Stanfield) defeated Kelton Dunten (Crane) by decision, 5-3. 5th Place Match: Gavin Russell (Joseph) defeated Rigoberto Gonzalez-Felix (Culver) by fall, 0:48.

160 – 1st Place Match: Isaiah Toomey (Culver) defeated Joseph Lathrop (Elgin) by decision, 12-6. 2nd Place Match: Joseph Lathrop (Elgin) defeated Gen Wintersteen (Elgin) due to forfeit. 3rd Place Match: Gen Wintersteen (Elgin) defeated Tyler Boor (Heppner/Ione) by fall, 3:19. 5th Place Match: Eli Maley (Crane) defeated Sam McCracken (Grant Union/ Prairie City) by fall, 3:27.

170 – 1st Place Match: Jake Doman (Crane) defeated Chase Andrade (Adrian) by decision, 8-6. 2nd Place Match: Chase Andrade (Adrian) defeated Gabe Wilson (Culver). 3rd Place Match: Gabe Wilson (Culver) defeated Alex Finley (Grant Union/ Prairie City) by fall, 4:35. 5th Place Match: Gabe Hasbell (Elgin) defeated JJ Nelson (Culver) by fall, 1:43.

182 – 1st Place Match: David Creech (Union/Cove) defeated Sean Peden (Elgin) by fall, 1:34. 2nd Place Match: Sean Peden (Elgin) defeated Conor Brosnan (Heppner/Ione). 3rd Place Match: Conor Brosnan (Heppner/Ione) defeated Cody Fent (Enterprise) by decision, 9-3. 5th Place Match: Lonny Hernandez (Culver) defeated Bruce Morehead (Elgin) due to injury.

195 – 1st Place Match: Cade Cunningham (Heppner/Ione) defeated Clancy Rutledge (Culver) by major decision, 10-2. 2nd Place Match: Clancy Rutledge (Culver) defeated Will Ogden (Enterprise). 3rd Place Match: Will Ogden (Enterprise) defeated Ryan Jackson-Nelson (Union/Cove) by fall, 2:59. 5th Place Match: Emery Hammond (Crane) defeated James Dempsey (Union/Cove) by decision, 6-5.

220 – 1st Place Match: Toby Clow (Adrian) defeated Gunnar McDowell (Enterprise) by fall, 0:44. 2nd Place Match: Gunnar McDowell (Enterprise) defeated Ryan Johnson (Culver) by fall, 1:12. 3rd Place Match: Ryan Johnson (Culver) defeated Nathan Ellsworth (Heppner/Ione) by fall, 5:44. 5th Place Match: Zack Ostberg (Grant Union/ Prairie City) won by forfeit.

285 – 1st Place Match: Wylie Johnson (Culver) defeated Rylan Cox (Grant Union/ Prairie City) by fall, 3:23. 2nd Place Match: Rylan Cox (Grant Union/ Prairie City) defeated Tristan Otter (Culver). 3rd Place Match: Tristan Otter (Culver) defeated Rolando Moreno (Grant Union/ Prairie City) by fall, 0:51. 5th Place Match: Aryanna Albright (Elgin) won by forfeit.

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