Crane victorious at Bank of EO Invite

HEPPNER – The Crane Mustangs wrestling team came out the victor among 14 teams competing at the Bank of Eastern Oregon Invitational on Saturday in the Heppner gym.

Numerous teams finished within points of each other in one of the closest tournament finishes of the year.

While Crane outdistanced the rest of the field, second-place Pine Eagle was just one-half point ahead of Pendleton, 114-113.5. In addition, fifth-place Riverside outpointed sixth-place Lakeview by a mere 1 ½ points and seventh-place Irrigon was just two points ahead of Baker/Powder Valley.

In one of the shocking finishes of the day, Pine Eagle’s Chase Butner (25-2) fell to newcomer Fernando Ortega of Riverside in a 8-4 decision in the 120-pound class.

At 126 pounds, Pine Eagle junior Cutter Tanaka continues a season with only a single loss, pinning Lakeview’s Brayson Granger for the title.

Senior Jesse Jones of Mcloughlin/Weston-McEwen/Griswold remains perfect at 22-0 as he pinned Joseph/Wallowa’s Zeb Ramsden in the championship match at 145 pounds.

Photo Gallery – Bank of Eastern Oregon Invitation – Wrestling – Kirsti Cason

Team results: 1. Crane, 153. 2. Pine Eagle, 114. 3. Pendleton, 113.5. 4. McLoughlin/Weston-McEwen/Griswold, 97. 5. Riverside, 88. 6. Lakeview, 86.5. 7. Irrigon, 78. 8. Baker/Powder Valley, 76. 9. Adrian, 66. 9. Elgin, 66. 11. Enterprise, 59.5. 12. Joseph/Wallowa, 59. 13. Heppner/Ione, 57.5. 14. Echo/Stanfield, 21.Individual results: 113:  First place match, Asher Hall (Irrigon) over Dawson Tremper (Pendleton) by fall, 1:33. Third place match, River Clark (Baker/Powder Valley) over Roen Waite (Heppner/Ione) by fall, 3:29. Fifth place match, Jack Roath (Crane) over Ethan Jones (McLoughlin/ Weston-McEwen/Griswold) by fall, 5:58. 120: First place match, Fernando Ortega (Riverside) over Chase Butner (Pine Eagle) by decision, 8-4. Third place match, John Otley (Crane) over Gabe Browning (Pendleton) by decision, 8-1. Fifth place match, Isaac Wood (McLoughlin/ Weston-McEwen/Griswold) over Brian Collins (Heppner/Ione) by fall, 5:11. 126: First place match, Cutter Tanaka (Pine Eagle) over Brayson Granger (Lakeview) by fall, 3:55. Third place match, Collin Primus (Pendleton) over Kenny Terry (Elgin) by fall, 1:20. Fifth place match, Will Seggerman (Pine Eagle) over Kylen Ward (Lakeview) by decision, 5-4. 132: First place match, Jack Lieuallen (Pendleton) over Jacob Ayala (Irrigon) by fall, 1:35. Third place match, Joe Lathrop (Elgin) over Ethan Snyder (Riverside) by decision, 9-7. Fifth place match, Saul Lopez (Heppner/Ione) over Dusty Melchoir (Pine Eagle) by fall, 4:39. 138: First place match, Trace Evans (Enterprise) over Rixon Doman (Crane) by technical fall, 16-1. Third place match, Cutter Huff (Pine Eagle) over Matthew Robertson (Pendleton) by forfeit. Fifth place match, Isaiah Lemmon (Echo/Stanfield) over Dylan Frolander (Enterprise) by fall, 0:45. 145: First place match, Jesse Jones (McLoughlin/ Weston-McEwen/Griswold) over Zeb Ramsden (Joseph / Wallowa) by fall, 1:46. Third place match, Wyatt Patzke (Lakeview) over Kyle Roe (Pine Eagle) by fall, 3:21. Fifth place match, Justin Patton (Irrigon) over Kennisen Knifong (Joseph / Wallowa) by decision, 8-2. 152: First place match, Morgan Ludwig (Lakeview) over Ty Hammond (Elgin) by decision, 1-0. Third place match, Jacob Harris (Riverside) over Jake Doman (Crane) by major decision, 14-0. Fifth place match, Bruce Morehead (Elgin) over Jacob Mills (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 1:42. 160: First place match, Jace Coe (Heppner/Ione) over Dylan Julian (Lakeview) by decision, 9-4. Third place match, Seth Doman (Crane) over Jose Puerta (Riverside) by fall, 1:17. Fifth place match, Hunter Lind (Baker/Powder Valley) over Logan Griffin (Adrian) by fall, 2:24. 170: First place match, Imani Schaefer (Crane) over Clayton Hammond (Elgin) by major decision, 14-4. Third place match, Conor Brosnan (Heppner/Ione) over Patrick Simpson (Pendleton) by fall, 1:44. Fifth place match, Tony Jimenez (Riverside) over Lincoln Lovitt (Adrian) by fall, 3:24. 182: First place match, Seth Butler (Pine Eagle) over Jerett Doman (Crane) by fall, 3:15. Third place match, Jayden Clark (Baker/Powder Valley) over Laramie Hess (Joseph / Wallowa) by fall, 1:55. 195: First place match, Toby Clow (Adrian) over Roberto Ayala (Irrigon) by fall, 3:33. Third place match, Tanner Davis (Crane) over Rafael Pereyda (McLoughlin/ Weston-McEwen/Griswold) by decision, 13-7. Fifth place match, Zachary McDonough (Riverside) over Roper Cartmell (Pendleton) by fall, 1:31. 220: First place match, Jonah Staigle (Joseph / Wallowa) over Tanner Wells (McLoughlin/ Weston-McEwen/Griswold) by fall, 3:25. Third place match, Jacob Griffin (Pendleton) over Eric Newman (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 1:00. 285: First place match, Mats Ollenhauer (Adrian) over Drew Widener (Enterprise) by fall, 0:51. Third place match, Andy Ceja (McLoughlin/ Weston-McEwen/Griswold) over Trent Ashby (Baker/Powder Valley) by forfeit. Fifth place match, Dusty Sherburn (Crane) over Tyson Sm