Collins, Williams Lead Vale Girls To Woodfin Victory (Results for Vale, Nyssa, Grant Union, Crane, Four Rivers, McLoughlin, Pine Eagle)

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John L. Braese

BURNS – Using individual titles by Ava Collins and Jessica Williams, the Vale girls wrestling team left Burns High School with the team title in the Woodfin-Robinson-Johnson Memorial on Friday, Dec. 29.

The Lady Vikings held off Nyssa by 16 points with the Bulldogs claiming individual championships by Loren Bowns, Kiera DeLeon and Abigail Mardock.

Grant Union had two champions, Zoey Beam and Mallory Lusco, placing third in the team points.

Crane placed fifth with each of the three wrestlers grabbing a top three finish. Verity Hall finished third at 135-140, April Lopez placed second at 145-155 and Gracie Baker picked up third in the 190-215 class.

Just outside the top five in the team standings, Four Rivers placed sixth behind Georgie Edmunson’s second place showing at 135-140.

McLoughlin, ninth in the team points, saw both Brynlee Miller and Anahy Urincho-Perez place fifth.

Pine Eagle’s Keeley Walker finished sixth at 130 pounds for the Spartans’ top showing.

Team scores: 1. Vale, 116.0. 2. Nyssa, 100.0. 3. Grant Union, 52.0. 4. Sisters, 43.0. 5. Crane, 34.5. 6. Four Rivers, 31.0. 7. Tri-Valley, 31.0. 8. Gilchrist, 24.0. 9. McLoughlin, 16.0. 10. Chiloquin, 11.0. 11. Pine Eagle, 6.0.

Individual Results

100-105: 1st Place – Lorien Bowns (Nyssa). 2nd Place – McKenna Justus (Vale).

110-115: 1st Place – Zoey Beam (Grant Union). 2nd Place – Audry Winkles (Tri-Valley). 3rd Place – Lacatia Mason (Four Rivers).

120-125: 1st Place Match; Kiera DeLeon (Nyssa) over Dusty Longtin (Tri-Valley) by fall, 3:13. 3rd Place Match; Ameely Ponce (Nyssa) over Jaycie Hackler (Vale) by fall, 2:16. 5th Place Match; Pidge Henderson (Sisters) over JoLee Oakes (Grant Union) by medical forfeit.

130: 1st Place Match; Abigail Mardock (Nyssa) over Teresa Gonzalez (Vale) by fall, 1:38. 3rd Place Match; Payton Perry (Vale) over Brooklynn Cooper (Sisters) by fall, 1:01. 5th Place Match; Keelee Mason (Four Rivers) over Keeley Walker (Pine Eagle) by fall, 1:37.

135-140: 1st Place Match; Ava Collins (Vale) over Georgie Edmunson (Four Rivers) by fall, 1:50. 3rd Place Match; Verity Hall (Crane) over Madison Gerlock (Tri-Valley) by decision, 13-7. 5th Place Match; Mariana Kostiuk (Grant Union) received a bye.

145-155: 1st Place Match; Jessica Williams (Vale) over April Lopez (Crane) by fall, 1:35. 3rd Place Match; Kisten Elbek (Sisters) over Hailie Ballou (Nyssa) by fall, 1:17. 5th Place Match; Brynlee Miller (McLoughlin) over Macy Carter (Grant Union) by medical forfeit.

170: 1st Place Match; Summer Schellinger (Gilchrist) over Addyson Maupin (Vale) by fall, 1:46. 3rd Place Match; Savannah Bliss (Nyssa) over Kira Chambers (Chiloquin) by fall, 1:17. 5th Place Match; Anahy Urincho-Perez (McLoughlin) received a bye.

190-215: 1st Place – Mallory Lusco (Grant Union). 2nd Place – Sivanna Hodge (Grant Union). 3rd Place – Gracie Baker (Crane).

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