Burns’ Volle Top Decathlete At Summit Meet (Includes results for Lakeview, La Pine and Union Athletes)

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SUMMIT – Burns junior Carson Volle spent the final day of his spring break in Summit, taking the top spot in the decathlon competition as track and field athletes from around the state gathered at the Summit Decathlon. Starting on Friday, March 29, the events concluded on Saturday, March 30.

Competing in the 10 events over two days, Volle ended with 5,277 points to take the top spot. Union sophomore Jackson Davenport placed sixth in the field with 4,583 points and La Pine sophomore Brody Groves finished in tenth with 3,916 points. Union sophomore Kai Russell placed 23rd after putting up 2,721 points.

The contingent representing eastern Oregon was larger for the girls with athletes representing Union, Lakeview and La Pine making the trip to Summit.

The group was led by Union freshman Sawyer Shoemaker placing sixth after taking part in the seven events. Shoemaker finished the two days with 2,917 points. Also in the top 10 was Lakeview sophomore Paige Owens with 2,835 points, an eighth place showing.

La Pine freshman Sydney Schreiber was just outside the top 10, placing 11th with 2,718 points. Union junior Kaelyn Shoemaker finish 17th after putting up 2,204 points and Lakeview junior Johanna Heil placed 19th with 2,086 points. One spot back in 20th, Union eighth-grader Jersey Davenport ended with 1,913 points and Lakeview senior Deanna Wakefield finished in 22nd.

Decathlon Finishes

  1. Carson Volle (Burns)

100 meters (5th), 11.54

400 meters (2nd) 52.42

1500 meters (4th) 5:05.09

110-meter hurdles (1st), 16.49

Shot put (22nd) 8.99 meters

Discus (10th) 27.76 meters

Javelin (14th) 33.31 meters

High jump (2nd) 1.72 meters

Pole vault (8th) 3.05 meters

6, Jackson Davenport (Union)

               100 meters (9th) 11.99

               400 meters (5th) 56.38

               1500 meters (11th) 5:17.76

               110-meter hurdles (4th) 18.19

               Shot put (11th) 10.33 meters

               Discus (13th) 25.10 meters

               Javelin (10th) 34.44 meters

               High jump (8th) 1.57 meters

               Pole vault (8th) 3.05 meters

               Long jump (21st) 4.94 meters

10. Brody Groves (La Pine)

               100 meters (7th) 11.64

400 meters (7th) 57.30

1500 meters (13th) 5:29.00

110-meter hurdles (18th) 21.73

Shot put (40th) 6.18 meters

Discus (34th) 17.59 meters

Javelin (20th) 29.93 meters

High jump (4th) 1.62 meters

Pole vault (10th) 2.90 meters

Long jump (7th) 5.38 meters

23. Kai Russell (Union)

               100meters (43rd) 14.70

               400 meters (30th) 1:05.13

               1500 meters (7th) 5:12.01

               110-meter hurdles (32nd) 26.13

               Shot put (29th) 8.40 meters

               Discus (29th) 19.19 meters

               Javelin (16th) 33.05 meters

               High jump (29th) 1.32 meters

               Pole vault (24th) 2.29meters

               Long jump (34th) 4.41 meters

Heptathlon Finishes

6. Sawyer Shoemaker (Union)

               200 meters (14th) 29.97

               800 meters (7th) 2:46.59

               100-meter hurdles (9th) 19.25

               Shot put (6th) 8.08 meters

               Javelin (5th) 26.76 meters

High jump (10th) 1.37 meters

Long jump (19th) 3.81 meters

8. Paige Owens (Lakeview)

               200 meters (19th) 30.66

               800 meters (11th) 2:51.39

               100-meter hurdles (7th) 18.58

               Shot put (16th) 6.86 meters

               Javelin (9th) 21.72 meters

               High jump (8th) 1.42 meters

Long jump (11th) 4.13 meters

11. Sydney Schreiber (La Pine)

               200 meters (13th) 29.48

               800 meters (19th) 2:55.09

               100-meter hurdles (12th) 19.61

               Shot put (29th) 5.59 meters

               Javelin (24th) 15.68 meters

               High jump (9th) 1.42 meters

               Long jump (3rd) 4.64 meters

17. Kaelyn Shoemaker (Union)

               200 meters (23rd) 32.07

               800 meters (20th) 2:55.49

               100-meter hurdles (20th) 22.37

               Shot put (3rd) 9.38 meters

               Javelin (13th) 19.62 meters

               High jump (23rd) 1.17 meters

               Long jump (21st) 3.78 meters

19. Johanna Heil (Lakeview)

               200 meters (25th) 32.51

               800 meters (26th) 3:08.54

               100-meter hurdles (23rd) 22.97

               Shot put (17th) 6.76 meters

               Javelin (2nd) 32.76 meters

               High jump (23rd) 1.17 meters

               Long jump (3.69 meters)

20. Jersey Davenport (Union)

               200 meters (22nd) 31.99

               800 meters (16th) 2:53.11

               100-meter hurdles (19th) 21.64

               Shot put (28th) 5.64 meters

               Javelin (20th) 17.57 meters

               High jump (23rd) 1.17 meters

               Long jump (27th) 3.36 meters

22. Deanna Wakefield (Lakeview)

               200 meters (27th) 32.96

               800 meters (14th) 2:51.97

               100-meter hurdles (24th) 23.62

               Shot put (10th) 7.60 meters

               Javelin (28th) 13.61 meters

               Long jump (26th) 3.45 meters

  • Received no score in the high jump event

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