Bobcats, Tigers Start XC Season Off In Parma (Full results for Ontario and Union/Cove)

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John L. Braese

PARMA, ID – The cross-country season is official as the Ontario Tigers and Union/Cove Bobcats joined a few teams from Idaho at the Parma Invite on Thursday, Aug. 24.

The Union/Cove boys claimed the top three spots in the race and won the team scoring. Eli Williams has a good start on his senior year, posting a time of 18 minutes, 3.9 seconds and first place in the race. Junior Nathanael O’Reilly crossed the line a little less than one minute behind and sophomore William Mallory picked up third.

For Ontario, junior Jack Hally picked up a top five finish with a time of 20:4.3.

The Bobcat girls finished second in the team scoring and saw sophomore Taylor Weishaar pick up a top five place with a time of 24:5.0. Sophomore Angel Shields-Marrs, freshman Mille Miller and junior Josie Patton picked up top 10 finishes.

For the Tiger girls, junior Maya Gomez picked up 12th to lead the Ontario team.

Boys Team Scores: 1. Union, 22. 2. Weiser, 53. 3. Ontario, 74. 4. Parma, 80.

Boys Individual Results: 1. Eli Williams (Union), 18:03.9. 2. Nathanael O’Reilly (Union), 19:01.4. 3. William Mallory (Union), 19:27.9. 5. Jack Hally (Ontario), 20:04.3. 7. David McDonald (Union), 20:42.7. 9. Ian Garlitz (Union), 20:54.4. 11. Logan Bunn (Ontario), 21:31.2. 12. Evan Garlitz (Union), 22:21.5. 17. Colson Johnston (Ontario), 23:39.2. 18. Micah Maxwell (Ontario), 24:00.0. 21. Patrick Sheehy (Union), 24:47.2. 23. Jeshua Seebart (Ontario), 25:04.5. 28. Samuel Espinoza (Ontario), 28:09.9. 29. Nick Sandberg (Ontario), 28:27.9. 30. William Vice (Union), 28:29.2. 33. Aiden Later (Union), 30:07.5. 36. Mathew Bowers (Union), 31:05.9. 39. Connor Ramos (Ontario), 34:33.4.

Girls Team Scores: 1. Parma, 37. 2. Union, 46. 3. Weiser, 63.

Girls Individual Results: 5. Taylor Weishaar (Union), 24:05.0. 7. Angel Shields-Marrs (Union), 24:43.2. 8. Millie Miller (Union), 25:44.8. 9. Josie Patton (Union), 25:50.4. 12. Maya Gomez (Ontario), 28:28.8. 17. Hailey Davis (Union), 31:06.7. 21. Monica Rodriguez (Ontario), 35:54.1. 22. Kaci Baxter (Union), 36:27.3. 23. CJ Delaney (Union), 36:27.5. 25. Maddison Landa (Union), 40:26.9. 27. Evey Spence (Union), 45:21.6.

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