Baker/Powder Valley Wrestling Picks Up Early Christmas Present

PENDLETON – The wrestling team of Baker/Powder Valley did not wait until Christmas morning to unwrap the gift of a team title as the Bulldogs left Pendleton with the top score upon the conclusion of the Rollin Schimmell Memorial Tournament on Wednesday, Dec. 22.

The Bulldogs outdistanced second place Burns, 252 to 184. The host Buckaroos ended the day in fourth place with 150.5 points with Riverside placing sixth. The other Bulldogs, Nyssa, placed seventh followed by Elgin and Ontario. Enterprise rounded out the top ten while Irrigon placed 12th followed by Imbler in 13th and the combined team of Heppner and Ione in 14th. Union finished 16th.

Baker/Powder Valley was led by championships from Gavin Stone, Gauge Bloomer, Alex Ritter and Jaden Martin.

Burns found wins from Ryan Glascock, Kale Cornell, Oliver Barnes, Carter Lardy and Easton Kemper.

The home fans were able to cheer as Pendleton’s Dawson Temper took the medal at 113 pounds.

Imbler senior Garrett Burns showed up the larger schools by winning at 132 pounds.

Team scores: 1. Baker/Powder Valley, 252.0. 2. Burns, 184.0. 3. Madras, 151.5. 4. Pendleton, 150.5. 5. Sisters, 123.0. 6. Riverside, 106.0. 7. Nyssa, 97.0. 8. Elgin, 84.0. 9. Ontario, 72.5. 10. Enterprise, 69.0. 11. Gresham, 59.0. 12. Irrigon, 54.0. 13. Imbler, 45.0. 14. Heppner/Ione, 34.0. 15. Corbett, 22.0. 16. Union, 21.0.

106: 1st Place Match; Ryan Glascock (Burns) defeated William Madrigal (Riverside) by fall, 3:03. 3rd Place Match; Marcus Chamberlain (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Phoenix Taylor (Elgin) by fall, 1:34. 5th Place Match; Nick Sandberg (Ontario) received a bye.

113: 1st Place Match; Dawson Tremper (Pendleton) defeated Anthony Castaneda (Riverside) by major decision, 14-5. 3rd Place Match; Bryan Madrigal (Riverside) defeated Joey Duncan (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 1:48. 5th Place Match; Carter Van Meter (Sisters) defeated Jake Lawrence (Madras) by decision, 7-2. 7th Place Match; Landon Willman (Pendleton) defeated Keegan Trujilio (Gresham) by fall, 2:53. 9th Place Match; Michael Young (Madras) defeated Joshua Wilson (Elgin) by major decision, 19-7. 11th Place Match; Milah Fincher (Union) received a bye.

120: 1st Place Match; Kale Cornell (Burns) defeated Roen Waite (Heppner/Ione) by fall, 1:56. 3rd Place Match; Aldo Duran (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated River Clark (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 3:06. 5th Place Match; Mateo Rockwell (Riverside) defeated Elijah Olds (Pendleton) by fall, 0:33.

126: 1st Place Match; Oliver Barnes (Burns) defeated Hazen Johnson (Burns) by fall, 1:26. 3rd Place Match; Owen Golter (Pendleton) defeated William Savage (Nyssa) by fall, 2:50. 5th Place Match; Chris Howard (Gresham) defeated Vance Abbott (Gresham) by fall, 2:41. 7th Place Match; Chase Strawbridge (Madras) defeated Michael Endersby (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 0:51. 9th Place Match; Cash Paullus (Pendleton) defeated Jayvon Tovar (Madras) by fall, 2:58. 11th Place Match; Sage Darlington (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Cheyanna Starboard (Union) by fall, 1:32.

132: 1st Place Match; Garrett Burns (Imbler) defeated Jamis Gonzalez (Ontario) by fall, 1:06. 3rd Place Match; Riley Martin (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Andres Rodriguez (Ontario) by decision, 9-7. 5th Place Match; Gage Martens (Union) defeated Samuel Nelson (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 1:38. 7th Place Match; Aiden Murillo (Riverside) defeated Gabby De Lapena (Enterprise) by fall. 9th Place Match; Aiden Burrow (Gresham) defeated Kylie Holden (Heppner/Ione) by fall, 0:35.

138: 1st Place Match; Carter Lardy (Burns) defeated Hayden Kunz (Sisters) by fall, 3:21. 3rd Place Match; Carson Brown (Sisters) defeated Cole Hester (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 1:13. 5th Place Match; Pearce Schnetzky (Enterprise) defeated Kadyn Trick (Imbler) by fall, 5:09. 7th Place Match; Noah Gliddon (Union) defeated Jonathan Nuno (Corbett) by fall, 1:26. 9th Place Match; Malacai Alire (Madras) defeated Isaiah Culbertson (Gresham) by fall, 2:12. 11th Place Match; Benjamin Mardock (Nyssa) due to bye. 13th Place Match; Todd Kelly (Pendleton) due to bye.

145: 1st Place Match; Ben Cooper (Sisters) defeated Jacob Ayala (Irrigon) by decision, 8-5. 3rd Place Match; Teagan Evans (Enterprise) defeated Grant Clark (Pendleton) by decision, 6-3. 5th Place Match; Porter Carlton (Nyssa) defeated Orion Houck (Burns) by decision, 14-13. 7th Place Match; Deacon Roberts (Pendleton) defeated Julian Abbott (Irrigon) by decision, 3-1. 9th Place Match; Irwyn Marguia (Irrigon) defeated Glen Hartley (Nyssa) by fall, 4:02.

152: 1st Place Match; Gavin Stone (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Wyatt Maffey (Sisters) by decision, 7-5. 3rd Place Match; Ashton Wilson (Nyssa) defeated Ty McLaughlin (Elgin) in overtime, 6-4. 5th Place Match; Kevin Peasley (Burns) defeated Collin Switzler (Madras) by decision, 6-3. 7th Place Match; Tyler Boor (Heppner/Ione) defeated Nathan LaFazia (Gresham) by fall, 1:26. 9th Place Match; Saul Lopez (Heppner/Ione) defeated Raider Poppe (Madras) by fall, 1:38. 11th Place Match; Marcos Rodriguez (Ontario) defeated Xander Olman (Irrigon) by fall, 1:51. 13th Place Match; Derek Castaneda (Riverside) due to bye.

160: 1st Place Match; Cael White (Madras) defeated Brady David (Madras) by fall, 5:50. 3rd Place Match; Gabe Hasbell (Elgin) defeated Gen Wintersteen (Elgin) by fall, 1:18. 5th Place Match; Jared Miller (Sisters) defeated Josiah Moreno (Irrigon) by fall, 3:58. 7th Place Match; Chris Kent (Riverside) defeated Isaih Trujillo (Imbler) by fall, 1:32. 9th Place Match; Bruin Thomas (Burns) defeated Scott Henderson (Sisters) by major decision, 9-1. 11th Place Match; Kevin Navarro (Riverside) defeated Owen Granberg (Gresham) by fall, 0:34. 13th Place Match; Ben Coburn (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Ruben Hernandez (Ontario) by forfeit. 15th Place Match; Ryan Richardson (Nyssa) due to bye.

170: 1st Place Match; Easton Kemper (Burns) defeated Joseph Lathrop (Elgin) by fall, 0:58. 3rd Place Match; Collin Primus (Pendleton) defeated Cody Fent (Enterprise) by fall, 1:42. 5th Place Match; Isaiah Martinez (Madras) defeated Cyrus Piel (Irrigon) by technical fall, 15-0. 7th Place Match; Ryan Brown (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Aiden Rocha (Ontario) by fall, 1:05. 9th Place Match; Lincoln Lovitt (Nyssa) defeated Demarcus Scott (Madras) by fall, 1:35. 11th Place Match; Jayden Vogt (Sisters) defeated Jenna Denton (Union) by fall, 0:20.

182: 1st Place Match; Reece White (Madras) defeated Adrian Allen (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 0:33. 3rd Place Match; Cody Eskew (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Connor Jensen (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 0:16. 5th Place Match; Ethan Morgan (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Bennie Ayala (Irrigon) by decision, 10-3. 7th Place Match; Jacob Mills (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Michael Avery (Pendleton) by fall, 1:56. 9th Place Match; Miles Kennedy (Pendleton) defeated Dylan Hinkley (Riverside) by fall, 3:55. 11th Place Match; Logan Guiterrez (Gresham) defeated Dakota Malin (Pendleton) by decision, 7-6. 15th Place Match; Brosnan (Heppner/Ione) due to bye.

195: 1st Place Match; Gauge Bloomer (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Alec Carey (Nyssa) by fall, 4:30. 3rd Place Match; Patrick Simpson (Pendleton) defeated Will Ogden (Enterprise) by technical fall, 15-0. 5th Place Match; Cameron Wittsberger (Riverside) defeated Tucker Elliott (Riverside) by fall, 2:22. 7th Place Match; David Creech (Union) due to bye. 9th Place Match; Jeremiah Schillcreff (Gresham) defeated Austin Wells (Irrigon) by fall, 0:22. 11th Place Match; Cade Cunningham (Heppner/Ione) due to bye.

220: 1st Place Match; Alex Ritter (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Manny Ramirez (Ontario) by fall, 3:20. 3rd Place Match; Gunnar McDowell (Enterprise) defeated Alexander Sigrah (Ontario) by decision, 7-4. 7th Place Match; Dylan Meyers (Gresham) defeated James Dempsey (Union) due to injury. 9th Place Match; Nicholas Sigrah (Ontario) defeated Russell Walden (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 3:38. 11th Place Match; Gerardo Medel (Riverside) defeated Billy Kargianis (Baker/Powder Valley) by fall, 0:15. 13th Place Match; Zane Davis (Corbett) defeated Nathan Ellsworth (Heppner/Ione) by forfeit.

285: 1st Place Match; Jaden Martin (Baker/Powder Valley) defeated Jacob Griffin (Pendleton) by fall, 3:17. 3rd Place Match; Jesse Aragon (Nyssa) defeated Kody Van Meter (Nyssa) by fall, 1:55. 5th Place Match; Tanner Culkins (Gresham) defeated Aidan Brown (Corbett) by fall, 2:28. 7th Place Match; Ian Brown (Corbett) defeated Miguel Arzeta (Corbett) by fall, 2:20. 9th Place Match; Jorge Candelas (Nyssa) defeated Tommy Ishida (Ontario) by decision, 6-1. 11th Place Match; Chris Gandy (Madras) defeated Esai Gomez (Gresham) by fall, 0:43. 13th Place Match; Jesus Guillen-Ruiz (Gresham) defeated Alan Romero (Ontario) by fall, 1:35. 15th Place Match; Emilio Gomez (Gresham) defeated Sunhawk Thomas (Pendleton) by fall, 2:00.