Baker girls to the mat

BAKER – The Baker High School Athletic Director Buell Gonzales Jr. is scrambling as winter sports takes center stage. Gonzales needs to find an assistant wrestling coach and make the most of crowding 60 wrestlers into practice times.

Gonzales is facing these issues due to a large turnout of girls looking to hit the mat.

“We have ten girls signed up,” said Gonzales. “We are now looking for an assistant wrestling coach and plan on having two teams.”

The ten signed up is a dramatic increase from last year’s two participants. In addition to those returnees, a large group of freshmen arrived for the first day of practice.

“I think last year’s wrestlers talked their friends into coming out for the team also,” Gonzales said.

With 50 boys out this season, space and time have become a premium for the high school.

“It is a good problem to have,” said Gonzales. “We just have to figure out that all have practice time under coaches. We are working on becoming creative when it comes to space.”

Gonzales said the Bulldogs are ready to compete against Ontario, a team he heard is fielding a team of 20 girls.

“Wrestling is a sport that almost has a cult following and more kids are expressing an interest in the sport,” he said. “The Baker team, both boys and girls, are ready for the season.”