Baker Boys, La Grande Girls Take Team Titles At St. Alphonsus Invitational

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John L. Braese

ONTARIO – The Baker boys and La Grande girls returned home with team titles from Ontario as the running of the Saint Alphonsus Invitational joined teams from Oregon and Idaho on the Ontario High School track on Saturday, May 6.

The track season is entering the final run (no pun intended) before districts occur. After seeing the majority of the teams present at the St. Als prior to Saturday, here is some takeaways to look for as district meets take place.


  • Barring injury, Adrian’s Jace Martin is heading towards a state championship in the sprints.
  • Cove has a contingent in the distance events to provide the Leopards team points.
  • Just a freshman, Baker’s Rasean Jones is an impressive athlete (yes, we saw him in basketball also)
  • The rest of the district will be happy to see Nyssa’s Orin Stipe graduate this year. Very simple, Stipe enters an event, Stipe wins the event.
  • When the GOL gathers for the district meet, wander over and watch the Baker field guys.
  • Riverside’s Tyrese Boyd is currently tied for the longest javelin throw in the 3A state ranks. Boyd consistently is winning by 25 feet or more at the meets we have attended.
  • This season’s 3A Special District 6 meet, held in Vale, will be a good one. Look for Vale, Burns and Nyssa to be close with the remaining teams winning individual titles to mix up the points.


  • Youth is ruling the girls’ side. Freshman and sophomores are making an impact across all the divisions.
  • Ontario’s Isabella Chiara is just plain fast.
  • A group of Powder Valley freshmen are going to make an impact for the next three years.
  • The La Grande distance runners will dominate the GOL meet.
  • EOS is not smart enough to figure out the 1A Special District 4-look at Adrian with Martin and Speelmon, Crane with the Doman clan and Joyce, Powder Valley with the freshmen and throw in Joseph, Union and Imbler taking points in the field events to make it interesting.
  • Nyssa has dominated the 3A Special District 6 for years-expect Vale on their home track and Burns to make a run this season.
  • The GOL will come down to La Grande taking the track points and Pendleton taking field points. Baker and Ontario taking individual wins could be the deciding factor.

For a listing of all results, see

Girls Team Scores: 1. La Grande, 166. 2. Nyssa, 106. 3. Baker, 67. 4. Vale, 59. 5. Powder Valley, 55. 6. Ontario, 49. 7. McLoughlin, 34. 8. Tri-Valley, 26. 9. Four Rivers, 18. 10. Adrian, 17. 10. Payette, 17. 12. Cove, 12. 13. Riverside, 10. 13. Kuna, 10. 15. Jordan Valley, 8.

Boys Team Scores: 1. Baker, 159.5. 2. Vale, 107. 3. La Grande, 89.5. 4. Nyssa, 63. 5. Adrian, 49. 6. Cove, 44. 7. Ontario, 38. 8. Kuna, 29. 9. McLoughlin, 24. 10. Payette, 22. 11. Riverside, 21. 12. Four Rivers, 7. 13. Powder Valley, 3. 13. Tri-Valley, 3.

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