Adrian And Powder Valley Dominate All-State Football Selections

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The Adrian Antelopes and Powder Valley Badgers met in the 1A football championship game in Baker on November 27. Now, months later, the same names on the back of the jerseys that day dominate the 1A All-State football selections.

Led by Player of the Year Conley Martin, the Lopes find six players named to the list. In addition, Adrian’s Billy Wortman was named Coach of the Year.

Conley Martin, Jace Martin, Gavin Bayes, Toby Clow and Misael Munoz picked up first team honors after the voting while Riley Griffin was named to second team.

The Badgers named nine players to the list including Clay Martin, Kaden Kriger, Logan Proffitt, Colt Cobb, Cade Lind, Casey Vaughn, Case Olsen and Cole Martin grabbing first team honors. Reece Dixon was named to the second team.

The Crane Mustangs had Kelton Dunten picking up the second team honors while the Dufur Rangers saw Cody Phillips take first team honors.  

Player of the Year – Conley Martin (Adrian)

Coach of the Year – Billy Wortman (Adrian)

Lineman of the Year – Kamalu Swift (Camas Valley)


First team – Conley Martin (Adrian)

Second team – Reece Dixon (Powder Valley)

Running Back

First team – Jace Martin (Adrian)

First team – Clay Martin (Powder Valley)

Second team – Nathan Dalton (Lost River)

Second team – Clancy Koch (St. Paul)


First team – Kaden Kriger (Powder Valley)

First team – Gavin Bayes (Adrian)

Second team – Riley Griffin (Adrian)

Second team – Andreas Villanueva (Myrtle Point)


First team – Toby Clow (Adrian)

First team – Logan Proffitt (Powder Valley)

Second team – Kamalu Swift (Camas Valley)

Second team – Mike Hiller (St. Paul)


First team – Colt Cobb (Powder Valley)

Second team – Andy Izquierdo (St. Paul)


First team – Conley Martin (Adrian)

First team – Case Olsen (Powder Valley)

First team – Cody Phillips (Powder Valley)

Second team – River Wolfe (Camas Valley)

Second team – Nathan Dalton (Lost River)

Second team – Kelton Dunten (Crane)

Defensive Backs

First team – Jace Martin (Adrian)

First team – Cole Martin (Powder Valley)

Second team – Zac Holsey (Waldport)

Second team – Andreas Villanueva (Myrtle Point)

Defensive Tackles

First team – Cade Lind (Powder Valley)

First team – Misael Munoz (Adrian)

Second team – Kamalu Swift (Camas Valley)

Second team – Jacob Jones (Dufur)

Defensive Ends

First team – Casey Vaughn (Powder Valley)

First team – Warren Rose (St. Paul)

Second team – Zane Gray (Gold Beach)

Second team – Howard Blanton (Myrtle Point)

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