1A 6-Man All-State Football Is Out!

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1A 6-Man All-State Football Is Out!

John L. Braese

The selections for the 6-man All-State football team were released late Wednesday, Dec. 14 after voting by the state’s coaches.

The Offensive Player of the Year award went to a member of the state champion Cougars of Echo with Dom Curiel picking up the votes.

Defense Player of the Year went to Joseph’s Jaxon Grover with Panther Trey Brown of Prairie City/Burnt River taking the Lineman of the Year. After voting by his peers, Echo coach Thomas VanNice picked up Coach of the Year.

2023 Oregon Class 1A 6-Man

All-State Football Team

Offensive Player of the Year — Dom Curiel, Echo

Defensive Player of the Year — Jaxon Grover, Joseph

Lineman of the Year — Trey Brown, Prairie City/Burnt River

Coach of the Year — Thomas VanNice, Echo


First Team

Quarterback — Kane Johnson, sr., Joseph

Running backs — Joey Holloway, sr., South Wasco County; Tucker Wright, sr., Prairie City/Burnt River

Receivers — Dom Curiel, sr., Echo; Jaxon Grover, sr., Joseph

Guards — Trey Brown, sr., Prairie City/Burnt River; Cody Reagan, sr., Prairie City/Burnt River

Center — Kellen Crenshaw, jr., Joseph

Second Team

Quarterback — Anthony Alimenti, sr., Elkton

Running backs — Maison Teel, soph., Prairie City/Burnt River; Jesse Larrison, sr., Joseph

Receivers — Cameron Jensen, sr., Eddyville Charter; Keegin Chitty, sr., Echo

Guards — Kobe Harwood, sr., Echo; Matthew Rausch, jr., Elkton

Center — Marcos Chavez, jr., South Wasco County

Honorable Mention

Quarterbacks — Dayton Silvonen, sr., Eddyville Charter; Storm McCoy, jr., South Wasco County; Kohlvin Wyse, soph., Echo

Running back — Parker Crowe, jr., Alsea; Dustin Prindel, sr., Eddyville Charter; Marshall Mather, sr., Triangle Lake; Carter Golson, jr., North Lake; Jayce Shorb, jr., Powers; Sam Wyse, sr., Echo

Receivers — Tanner Hibbs, jr., Alsea; George Barnett, soph., South Wasco County; Patrick Mahmoud, jr., Powers; Cayden Howard, sr., Prairie City/Burnt River; Payton Hess, sr., Joseph

Guards — Louie Orona, jr., Siletz Valley; Tanner Stilligan, soph., Falls City/Kings Valley Charter; Zach Neuberger, sr., Wheeler; Jose Mendez, sr., Wallowa

Centers — Konnor Bledsoe, sr., Eddyville Charter; Ethan Cantrell, sr., Alsea; Jamal Lawton, sr., Elkton; Christian Good, soph., North Lake


First Team

Nose guard — Gavin Russell, jr., Joseph

Defensive ends — Trey Brown, sr., Prairie City/Burnt River; Charlie Shorb, sr., Powers

Linebackers — Joey Halloway, sr., South Wasco County; Jaxon Grover, sr., Joseph

Defensive backs — Dom Curiel, sr., Echo; Anthony Alimenti, sr., Elkton

Second Team

Nose guard — Cody Reagan, sr., Prairie City/Burnt River

Defensive ends — Jayce Shorb, jr., Powers; Kellen Crenshaw, jr., Joseph

Linebackers — Ethan Cantrell, sr., Alsea; Morgan Demaris, soph., Eddyville Charter

Defensive backs — Dylan Rogers, jr., Joseph; Sam Wyse, sr., Echo

Honorable Mention

Nose guards — Jamal Lawton, sr., Elkton; Zach Neuberger, sr., Wheeler

Defensive ends — Zander Walker, sr., Joseph; Mack Murdock, soph., Echo; Matthew Rausch, jr., Elkton

Linebacker — Parker Halstead, jr., Riddle

Defensive backs — Marshall Mather, sr., Triangle Lake; JW Haskins, jr., Prairie City/Burnt River; Colby Brace, jr., South Wasco County

Special teams

First Team

Placekickers — Marshall Mather, sr., Triangle Lake; Marcel Sandoval, fr., South Wasco County

Punter — Marcel Sandoval, fr., South Wasco County

Returners — Gavan Hinchberger, jr., Alsea; Jack Roscoe, jr., North Lake

Second Team

Placekicker — Jamal Lawton, sr., Elkton

Punters — Wyatt Geiger, sr., Days Creek; Adam Szczepaniak, sr., Wheeler

Returner — Patrick Mahmoud, jr., Powers